“Once upon a time, there was an ant. It was freely crawling in the vast territory of Susan’s home. 
Day and night, the ant strove to meet ends for its family unless infuriated Susan couldn’t take it anymore. 
Sharing her sweetest food was not an option this time.
So she brought chalk and drew a line.
Surprisingly, the colony of that ant could no more move beyond Susan’s limitations- so sublime.”

Isn’t it true for humans too? Well, in many ways. In front of the magnificent universe, we are no less than that “ant” trying to feed, sleep and survive somehow. Not for all, but at least, for a major chunk of the 7.8 billion people.

However, there is an even deeper significance to the above analogy. It is called a boundary. Human is born with free will to choose the way he/she wishes to lead a life. However, they still opt to live within the predefined boundaries- without any question or speculation. But why? Was it the same all this while? What had changed so far that we have progressed tremendously well with technology and yet lack to use it at our disposal? Are we forgetting the biggest technology is right here- that is -us?

Let’s dive deeper.

A Domesticated Cerebral Capacity

The human mind is an accumulation of memory, impression and more. It subconsciously registers smell, taste, events, feelings and more. Therefore, even if someone tries to call it off by suppressing their feelings, their mind redirects them to the past event. Henceforth, they are likely to repeat the same response as happened earlier.

To come out of this rut, one has to go within- and this, unfortunately, has been left unaddressed for a long time.

As people started structuring themselves, there came a need to be domesticated. What does that mean?

A domestication is an act of scheduling your way of being in the pursuit of comfort and security. Besides, when we are in survival mode, our need becomes to fight to be the best and somehow earn a living.

A Contrast To Observe

Let’s go back! Remember we were hunter and gatherers. Our bodies were worked intensely. Therefore, the maximum energy was vested in surviving. Gradually, agriculture happened. Herein we started becoming stagnated at one or the other suitable dwelling. Afterwards, industrialisation happened for all good reasons. So as the minds expanded so did its capability to innovate.

Human Being- The Highest Evolution of Physical Form

Human beings are a manifestation of the peak of evolution. With our spine erect, we can tap dimensions of life that were not accessible with bend spines. You may wonder what has a spine to do with awareness? Just try yourself. The moment you are bent and slouched, observe the level of laziness and obscurity you accumulate. Now, sit erect. Your attention will naturally heighten. With the power of this attentiveness, he/she can tap different dimensions. The spinal cord is like a channel of your survival mode (i.e. the mooladhara or your base) to higher possibilities (your brain).

Now as people slowly got attached to their survival instinct, they somehow ran in an endless race.

I am sure that you know the drill:-

i. First, it is about becoming the best in the class- On what basis? By scoring marks. What does getting good marks signify? It is a testimony of one’s memorisation skill. That is only a minuscule part of human intelligence. Also, even that, people aren’t able to use it properly.

ii. Apart from that, there is imagination. That is yet again an unexplored territory for many millennials. Precisely, because they have undergone rigorous education where learning was limited to knowing what was in the book. Exploration beyond that was either limited because of bulky syllabi or lack of encouragement for new ideas.
Surprisingly, students were mocked by peers or elders to even question or think beyond.

After all, obedience was regarded as priceless virtue. Though, it is sometimes required but not everywhere or every time.

Why did we limit ourselves?

As shared above, domestication gives an illusionary comfort. We exponentially advanced technologically and socially. However, we gradually gravitated towards everything outside to fix ourselves. In this process, we have somewhat ignored the intelligence this body and mind beholds.

We drew that “limitation” on our own which kept us “safe” in an uncomfortable “comfort.” This kept transcending from one generation to another and became even stronger.

Just look around. What do you find? Churning anxiety and tensions around making a living and paying bills. After, marrying to suit the societal norms, we then suffer that beautiful bond too. What is rush in here?

Until a time came, when we have created all sorts of boundaries in form of concrete forests and artificial survival. The biggest border being our mind.

The Unfortunate Outcome

All this is good, but only till a person is fulfilled and content with self. Otherwise, it will turn into a rat race as we have witnessed today. It will lead to mental health issues as we are seeing it everywhere around us. A few of these are:-

i. Depression,
ii. Anxiety,
iii. addiction,
iv. Anger issues and more.

The even surprising thing here is that people don’t acknowledge it. They even label the person in some categories or simply laugh it off. Eventually, such situations aggravate and it keeps continuing by the addition of more labels.

The brain is just a portion- There is an enormous intelligence awaiting us

Yes, the brain has enormous intelligence. However, it is imperative to understand, above all, our body is a reverberating intelligence. We haven’t paid attention to what it says to us. Sometimes we get a “gut feeling” or a “hunch” that something is not right or a particular decision is right. However, using our cerebral memory we discard to regret it later on.

This where our domesticated mind has worked against us for a long time. It eventually suppresses one’s highest expression. After all instead of facing uncertainties it better to face “caged” certainties of which we have a sure short answer.

The Rise of Ego

This gives rise to an ego that seeks familiarity. Anything uncertain is discarded straightaway. As the result, a whole generation witnesses a brain drain. To which those few who strive to go all out are then looked up to with a question mark. People wonder how they made it? Many transport it to luck by cloaking their inability to self-reflect and work in the right direction.
However, essentially, somewhere a person is aligned and has a firm base within. That is why he or she can achieve the impossible. And anyone can do so only when they realize the immensity of being human.


As the result, we have somehow created the best of the technologies ever but yet forgotten, all this fall short in front of human perception.

Unfortunately, perception has not been paid attention to. Therefore, it has produced a secure yet fearful population. Especially, in urban areas, the more people are exposed to higher physical possibilities, the more stressful they get. What is it indicating to? This intelligence is going into drain, unexplored and fidgety to handle change.

It is high time, that we upgrade human wellness and expression as much as we do to secure their future. Only by working on the inner wellness can any significant change happen for the future generation lest we may end up doing crime against them by producing another depressed population which seeks chemical to be well.
Indeed, cerebral domestication is a wake-up call for us to pause and look within. It is time to address the subtle aspects of life which have gone unnoticed a long time. Yes, we are paying price for it. However, all we can do is think as to how we can better it in the coming times.

Indeed, cerebral domestication is a wake-up call for us to pause and look within. It is time to address the subtle aspects of life which have gone unnoticed for a long time. Yes, we are paying price for it. However, all we can do is think as to how we can better it in the coming times.


Yes, in the name of safety we have killed the cerebral capacity of the dynamic mind and the exceptional intelligence that we behold. The first step to realising that is an acceptance that we had been getting it wrong.

The second step is to understand that safety is an illusion. You can also die in closed walls too. Therefore, come out of that illusionary rabbit hole.

The next step would be understanding that along with conventional education, inner work and self-exploration is the key to take momentous steps in life. It will lead you to do what is needed and is fulfilling.
After all, we have spent enough time chasing that “carrot stick” or being the “hamster on the wheel”. It is time to tap the full capacity of the brain to realise what we are capable of.

Hopefully, there are no “safety” deaths before coming closer to the deathbed. Hopefully, we all find our full potential.