There are times when anxiety wears too much during the day, or people feel invaded and overwhelmed by nervous tension. Many are often on the verge of physical exhaustion due to their activities and lifestyle. These are feelings and situations that deplete the “inner batteries” of any person and should be solved. And there are moments and situations that seem to deplete all the reserves of physical and mental energy available to the body.

If the situation is not remedied, the consequences soon appear fatigued, reluctance, dejection, abandonment, sadness. The person enters a vicious circle: he runs out of strength, not only to live day to day but to find a solution by Accs Market to his vitality downturn and take steps to overcome it. But it is necessary to stop, for those who feel empty inside; it is time to recharge their batteries. That way health and mood don’t suffer. To recover energy, first of all, it is necessary to deactivate three of the main “thieves” who steal it inadvertently but without pause: stress, anxiety and fatigue.


If you find that your body does not remain relaxed practically at any time, that you wake up restless at night and have too many responsibilities and occupations, stress is probably stalking or invading you.

Regular consumption of cereals seems to have a positive impact on the body: people who consume these foods tend to feel less depressed and reach lower levels of stress, than those who do not include them in their diet. Sunflower seeds, rich in vitamins E and B, and nuts, rich in magnesium, help provide the body with these nutrients, whose excessive loss promotes nervousness.

In addition, it is advisable to avoid striving to the limit in daily activity, introducing breaks in the schedule, and getting some time to perform daily relaxation exercises.


Do you feel distressed, with an exaggerated fear of something you cannot explain, or continually anticipating all kinds of catastrophes that will affect your life? They are some symptoms of an anxious state, which produces intense emotional erosion. To naturally raise serotonin levels, a brain substance that improves mood, it is advisable to consume small amounts of food and snacks that contain carbohydrates, such as fruits, legumes and cereals, throughout the day.

Eating an apple or a tangerine before bedtime has a slight relaxing effect when anxiety attacks at night. Identifying the causes of anxiety, to reduce their influence in life, and talking about their own problems with a family member or trusted friend can be helpful, but if the situation cannot be addressed, the psychologist must be consulted.


Do you wake up at dawn and go to bed after midnight? Are you running from side to side? Can’t you live in the present moment because tomorrow’s commitments overwhelm you? When these activities and attitudes are transformed into customs, fatigue comes.

An adequate supply of iron, a mineral that is sometimes scarce especially in women causing anemia, and vitamins of group B, essential for the body to take advantage of the energy contained in the food ingested, can help restore vitality. Tiredness can also be related to dehydration of the body, so you should not neglect water consumption.

To eradicate fatigue, when it is not due to organic causes, it is essential to review the lifestyle that is followed and modify it to include more spaces for rest and leisure, and for the cultivation of relationships and inner life.


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