How do I participate in the Thrive Challenge?

The Thrive Challenge is free, and you can get started by searching the Thrive app in the app store or google play store. Once you have downloaded the app, choose from a selection of Microsteps that you can start making today in key areas of your life. At the end of 21-days, submit your story for a chance to be entered into our prize pool. 

What are Better Choices?

Better Choices are small changes that contribute to happier and healthier lives. Your Better Choices could fall into one or several journeys, including Move, Food,  Connect, Money, Recharge, and Focus.

What are Microsteps?

Microsteps are small, incremental, science-backed actions we can take that will have both immediate and long-lasting benefits to the way we live our lives. Watch a video here on how to add Microsteps to your journey. 

What is the difference between Microsteps and Better Choices?

  • You add Microsteps across the 6 different journeys to build better habits.
  • This can look something like “Swap ‘How are you?’ for a deeper question.”
  • You check-in daily to hold yourself accountable for that Microstep.


  • You track how many better choices you have made across the 6 different journeys in a day. 
  • This can look something like “Drink a glass of water first thing when you wake up in the morning,” and “Schedule 30 minutes to make and eat a healthy lunch every day.”
  • If you made both of these better choices today you will track them both!

How many Better Choices can I make?

You can make as many Better Choices as you want across all Thrive Challenge journeys during your 21-day Challenge. Because the Thrive Challenge works for everyone. 

How Many Microsteps can I add to my 21-day Challenge?

You can add as many Microsteps as you want across all Thrive Challenge journeys during your 21-day Challenge. You can add one or multiple, making your 21-Day Challenge unique to you.

How do I win one of Thrive Challenge’s cash prizes?

Once you’ve completed your Thrive Challenge, you’ll get your chance at cash prizes by simply submitting a Challenge entry. Eligibility and other contest rules are available here.

Watch the video here for how to enter while inside the app! 

Do I have to work on all 6 of the categories in the Thrive Challenge?

Nope! The Thrive Challenge can be customized to you and your life, and you can take on as few or as many categories as you’d like. Start by identifying your goals, and then you can decide to focus on Recharge, Food, Move, Money, Focus, or Connect — or a combination that works for you! Along the way, you might choose to switch categories, or you might even find there’s overlap between a few of them. All that matters is that you start your own journey toward positive change, and take it at your own pace.    

Can I take the Thrive Challenge, and enter to win, more than once?

Yes! You can take the Thrive Challenge as many times as you’d like. Make as many better choices as you can for a 21-day period, and feel free to submit an entry for every Challenge you complete. Every Thrive Challenge is a chance to change your life and enter for a chance to win a cash prize.

How do I find the Thrive community?

After you complete a Challenge, join Thrive Stars to get the support, encouragement, and tools you need to succeed on your well-being journey! The Thrive Stars program is free, fun, open to everyone, and designed for people just like you who want to connect with others, learn from them, and share what’s working for you. Join us for community, connection, fun, exclusive access to activities, and of course, free stuff!

You can also join the Thriving with Family and Friends Facebook group to meet other Stars and Challenge participants and learn about upcoming exclusive events just for Stars.  

Can I invite my friends and family to take the Thrive Challenge?

Please do! Thrive believes in supporting our communities and families. Anyone can take the Thrive Challenge and achieve great things with small changes and better choices. If you already have the Thrive app, you can tap on your profile, then tap Invite Friends to share the app with others.

Where can I find more about the Thrive Challenge?

Thrive actively encourages real-life people to share their amazing and inspirational Thrive stories, contribute to their communities, and support one another. You can find Thrive stories from our amazing community in the Thrive app feed, here at or in the printed materials that may be available in your workplace. The best part? Once you start making those tiny better choices, you’ll start a chain reaction that gets others around you excited to do the same.