Every year, thousands of school leavers (and their families) will make two important decisions that will significantly impact their life and future.

What course should I take after leaving school?

What job should I do upon graduation?

In answering these two questions, we need to take in to account 21 key challenges faced by school leavers and graduates, which are based on the evidence before us:

1. Work requirements are changing faster than ever

2. Employers cannot find people with the right skills

3. More jobs require post-secondary education

4. Just-in-time hiring is becoming a norm

5. Increasing use of short-term skilled workers

6. The youth labor market has collapsed

7. Growing youth work-experience gap

8. More job seekers going after fewer full-time jobs

9. Lack of full-time employment prospects for graduates

10. Automation requires fewer employed people

11. New job titles created by new technologies

12. A growing emphasis on soft skills

13. Salaries will remain stagnant for a long time

14. People have diverse career paths

15. Careers advice is lagging behind

16. ‘Dream jobs’ don’t exist

17. It is hard to find passion and interest in life

18. Young people do make bad decisions

19. Degrees lack positive employability outcomes

20. Confidence in educational institutions is wavering

21. Navigating the education system is risky business

22. Outdated educations systems

23. Just-in-time learning to get the job done

24. Acquiring outdated skills

25. Mismatch of personal needs and appropriate training

26. More education is not securing better jobs

27. No job application skills to attain full-time work

28. ‘Entry-level’ jobs require years of ‘rich’ experience

29. Degrees don’t guarantee better salaries

30. Degrees lacked value for doing current jobs

31. Degrees can only open that first door

32. Graduates flood the job market at the same time

33. Everyone looks the same on paper

34. Job seekers are forced to take on any job

35. Rushing to acquire that paper qualification

36. Cost of formal education is increasing and expensive

37. Financial support from parents is decreasing

38. Student loan debts are increasing

39. The number of advertised job vacancies is declining

40. Perfectionism is killing our young people

41. Increasing mental health challenges

42. Young people need more skills training, not education

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