Change is a function of life. It is a necessity or we perish. Change is the breath of experience. It allows movement; inward and outward. This interplay of energy and form brings about innovation and inspiration that leads to more change. Change is the byproduct of itself; an infinite loop of unending creation. Where do we fit into it as a species?

We are likened to the plasma that runs through a body. Just as the blood of our human forms protects and circulates; we are the builders and fighters of, and with, change. Most importantly, we steward growth both consciously and unconsciously.

Some of us appear as angels; others as angels in disguise. However, we all contribute equal, fair and balancing parts. But, we must understand that change is about the bigger picture, while we are to remain present in the now. Our stewardship requires being visionary, while embracing where we are.

As much as we want change, we push hard against it. However, we have not considered that we are an integral part of that movement. We are the change in and of itself, a piece and a part of a greater whole. The single piece appears insignificant at times. The whole looks like people and places and things — But, it is actually change happening as us, through us, and partnering with us towards a greater unfolding of possibility. It always move out of the known, into a greater unknown.

Our steps within change become a part of the fabric, allowing reality to weave varied patterns and designs. Every action, reaction and interaction engages diversity for experience to express in greater texture and energy in motion. Within these grand strokes is the eye of the needle, where each one slips through eventually. And as we do so, our thread is woven int the great story of the cosmos. It is our willingness to continue to weave our ways though countless layers of time that provides infinite textures within the landscape of time. Our willingness to feel brings color to the strings and strands of that have been the fray from ancestral patches of time.

The Rebel Humanitarian path of ‘change’ in 5 steps; in doing so we become the change.

  1. Breathing more deeply; inhaling slowly.
  2. Flowing with the direction that change is guiding; moving gracefully.
  3. Allowing new perspectives; seeing possibility.
  4. Stepping gently; deepening trust.
  5. Committing to feeling; embracing the unknown.

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