On August 21st, 2017, the Moon will pass directly between the Sun and the Earth, creating a rather spectacular sight called solar eclipse. From the human point of view the Moon will appear to block out the Sun, darkening the daytime sky. The eclipse goes across North America from Oregon all the way through South Carolina and is about 70 miles wide. It is more powerful where people can actually see it, that’s where the center is, but it will affect all of North America.

What does it mean?
It portends change. Definite change. Especially in the country that it hits.

The Eclipse happens in the sign of Leo which we associate with rulers and leadership. The lion after all is the king of the jungle. There is also a fixed star in the heart of the Leo constellation called Regulus which astrology associates with the leader of a country.

Before I delve into the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse, let me share with you what happened with the solar eclipse in Leo on August 21, 1998.
On September 9, Kenneth Starr submitted his report to the House of Representatives and outlined a case for the impeachment of Bill Clinton, a Leo born on August 19, 1946, on 11 grounds, including perjury, obstruction of justice, witness-tampering, and abuse of power and the world learned about explicit details of the sexual relationship between the president and Ms. Lewinsky.

On December 19, the House impeached Clinton.

In 2017 we yet again see a solar Eclipse and this time it even comes very close to Washington. What it means that yet again, heads of states, presidents, powerful CEO’s, could possibly fall from grace. Remember, one of the things this Eclipse does, is change! “The change” a person may be headed for may due to lack of exercising, eating the wrong things or too much of them, accidents and strong legal difficulties.

The solar eclipse brings out darkness to transmute it, it cleans everything up. In a strange way one could say it’s like a karmic slap in the face. If you’re a good person the eclipse will not affect you as strongly or negatively as let’s say someone who is of a negative mindset and not a good person. What you deserve is gonna come.

An eclipse needs another planet to come and say hello to, shake its hand, to fully activate it. This happens around September 3 and 4 when the eclipse gets “kissed” by Mercury and Mars. This is a real powerful time when big bangs happen. So although the eclipse occurs on Aug 21, it will really stay strong until mid/end of September.

Leo is a fire sign. This can play out in many ways. For one it can mean conflict from a far away country or from across the ocean. It could potentially bring more than one conflict to the doors of this country.
It can also mean actual fires. We are in fire season in California but this could bring fires across America. On the flip side, the East coast may experience heavy rains and flooding.

It can also mean earthquakes may be a possibility.
Remember it may not happen on August 21, 2017, but if anything were to happen we are talking about a period of time from August till October.
No matter what, it’s gonna be a fast and fiery time.

How will the eclipse affect me, you ask?
It depends on where the eclipse hits your Astrological chart. If the eclipse hits your house of health, you may deal with some health issues, if it hits the 10th house of career your job will be affected and so on.
It will be more evident for people born in the sign of Leo, especially people born in the latter part of the sign. The Eclipse is happening at 28 degrees Leo. Aquarians may also feel a greater impact than others as it is the opposite sign of Leo.
Anyone born under other signs who have a lot of planets in Leo or Aquarius or a planet at 28 degrees, may be affected more greatly.
This can play out with you moving, changing jobs, separation from a loved one or family member. As it has the element of surprise to it, these changes may be unexpected.
Whichever way you look at it, there’s going to be change.

Change is not necessarily negative. It starts new beginnings. Even though it may not feel good at the moment, the outcome can be positive in the long run.

The energies of most people on this planet at the moment are frustration and negative thoughts. There is a very good chance that this will change after the eclipse. A release will happen. Give it a few weeks but change is coming for all the pent up emotions. Yes, even emotions will go through a fiery cleanse.

There is no escaping the eclipse. We are already sliding into it slowly so we are ready for the changes consciously and unconsciously. Don’t count things as a loss but rather a new beginning. Overall and in the long run the eclipse will bring a healthier America.