Every single person who needs to write something — be it articles, messages or just a post on social media — knows that correct grammar and punctuation are not only necessary but also charming.

I know that if a piece of writing is not grammatically correct, I lose my sense of respect for the writer and the writing no longer has the same grip on my attention.

So I chose one tool that is Grammarly, that helps a lot in such situation. If you are writing something you would definitely not want to annoy readers with your grammatical errors.

Using Grammarly, can improve your writing and will help you to remove the errors. Although it comes with a free account for error, Its premium version is much more helpful in detecting grammatical errors.

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How you can get Grammarly Discount?

Grammarly undoubtedly offers a good service for free, but the free service doesn’t cover the advanced error of your writing.

When I was using free version, I wasn’t able to correct other uncommon errors of my writing.

Trust me that was more frustrating.

I moved then to Grammarly premium which was my one of the best decision of blogging. I would suggest it to you too, but I have a great deal for you.

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Whether you are blogger, teacher or an entrepreneur, grammatical errors may pose problems for you. Use Grammarly discount and improve your blogs, emails, assignments.

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  • When you add Extension a signup page will come
  • You need to fill the details like Name, Email, and Password and click on Sign up
  • After you Signing up or creating an account on Grammarly, it will redirect you to the welcome screen
  • Now click on the choose premium account which will cost you $8.75 / month with 25% discount.( Discounts percent can vary)

Note: For good amount of always go for the annual plan as it will save a lot of money and will be beneficial for you.

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Watch video if you don’t like to read the content

What is Grammarly?

We are not talking about Oxford level language skills here, just the basic idea of following grammar rules and regulations accordingly.

It may not seem like a big deal but trust me it damages your impression on the reader if you fail to use simple grammatical tools and punctuations.

If you think people won’t notice you’re mistaken. It’s a lot easier said then done you say? Not anymore.

Grammarly is an application that helps you achieve the desired accuracy in your writing.

It works automatically to detect grammatical errors, punctuation fails, misspelling and errors in writing style.

Your word choice is scanned as well. It is an all-around tool that analyses the entire body of text to find the mistakes you might have made unknowingly or unaware that you are making them.

It has an algorithm that instantaneously flags whatever potential problems with grammar and punctuation your text may have.

The suggestions are context — specific meaning that whatever may be the topic and intention of your text may be, the function of the algorithm improves your grammar specifically to suit the subject.

It also allocated plagiarism issues checking for plagiarism in the text that may have occurred unintentionally. The wording of your sentences is checked to match perfectly with your writing style and topic.

There are no doubt tonnes of grammar and spelling check apps and software out on the internet claiming to be the best at proofreading.

But Grammarly has proven to be the best in the game.

It has won numerous awards affirming again and again that the user experience is great and every individual that has used it has been satisfied with it.

Now Free Vs Premium

The Grammarly software comes in two versions — free and premium.

Well, if you are looking for a free tool, It can be the one you like. The free version is available for as long as you would like to use it without any time constraints. Amazing isn’t it?

It covers all the basic proofreading needs that you may of. Even when two different people proofread a text material, they might not notice certain things because of the tendencies of the human brain.

Grammarly takes care of that and suggests what you may have done wrong along with how to fix it in the best possible way.

The issues we face when writing like wondering if necessary has one or two S’s or if we are spelling accommodate correctly and have to Google the correct spelling — are altogether taken care of by Grammarly.

It even identifies the words that are spelled correctly but are in the wrong context. It makes the text overall more engaging.

Now coming to the Premium version. If you are a professional writer and/or blogger, this is the app for you.

Even, I suggest you use it definitely a sit would improve your writing.

It has all the features that the free version offers + additional to level tools to guarantee that your material looks like it was composed by a professional.

It has over 400 types of checks and features. It follows through with over 250 rules of grammar and language, ensuring that it is used in the correct context.

The Premium version has advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, and spelling along with sentence structure.

Now I don’t know about you but the sentence structure is something I always struggle with.

I keep reading my sentences over and over phrasing and rephrasing to make sure that it does not seem like an amateur wrote it.

Grammarly’s Premium version has this feature so that this particular problem will not bother you again if you are anything like me.

It’s not just an aid to make your writing error-free but it’s also a language enhancing tool.

It suggests alternative vocabulary options and those better suited for your writing style. I personally find that very helpful.

How does Grammarly work?

The availability and accessibility is another key feature of Grammarly.

It’s available on the Play store and Apple app store for download for free as Grammarly Keyboard.

As for computers, you can copy and paste your text into Grammarly editor and run a check or you can get an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

It is also available for Windows. It is easy to use and you will get the hang of it almost immediately.

It has a great user interface and a soothing, smooth theme which does not put strain on your eyes or mind even if you spend hours running spell checks and editing material.

It is an algorithm based software and it’s developed by the top-notch experts of the language. The updates are regular and automatic which makes it low maintenance and wouldn’t probably even notice that it has updated itself.

Features Of Grammarly

Now let’s discuss impressive features of both versions of Grammarly. The free version meets all the editing needs at a basic level.

Grammar and spell check — With grammar correction and spell check on the go and helping you with the wording of the text body to bend the tone according to your need.

Punctuation check — The punctuation check is a blessing, even as small as it may seem. It makes sure that even if you were caught in a whirlwind of creative juices and just forgot to punctuate your sentences because it would break the flow of your thought train, your text would not suffer. It overall enhances the quality of the text by a great amount.

Coming back to the Premium version, it offers the same features, upgraded to a whole new level with a professional like precision and also offers a bunch of added features that will leave you spellbound. Ignoring my bad pun, I would like to stress the fact that the Premium version is an experience that anyone who has ever written anything will appreciate.

All in one — It has been critically acclaimed by professional writers who use it on daily basis for their work and don’t bother with anything else to edit their material . The Premium version feels like an other worldly experience for those who have experienced hindrance in productivity due to plagiarism or vocabulary or grammar issues.

Vocabulary correction — It has a high end vocabulary suggestion feature that will make your text all the more rich in vocabulary.

Contextual Specifications — It also pays attention to the exact word you need in the particular context . The vocabulary tool simultaneously enhances your work and enhances your personal vocabulary skills.

Sentence Structure Correction — The sentence structure is another essential element in deciding the impact of your writing . It is basically the skeleton of the work . The Premium version also has this well taken care of.

Alternative Suggestions — It constantly checks for errors in the sentence structure and suggests the best alternative . I have mentioned it before and I will say it again , it is by far the best sentence structure tool to use . It specifically considers the topic of your text, unlike so other brain-dead software programs that do not care about what you are trying to convey by your entire text and just give you momentary, point-based solutions which will ultimately cause you problems.

Plagiarism check — The plagiarism checker is another impressive feature in the Premium version . It checks instantaneously for any plagiarized material in the text and makes sure that you don’t end up in a court battle with an editor just because a paragraph from your article was written same as theirs . Plagiarism check tool comes with suggestions for a replacement for the flagged words and sentences so you will have the solution to your problem as soon as you identify it . Another wonderful and simple feature this version offers over the free version is the examples of how to use Grammar correctly.

Grammar usage examples — Whenever it flags a grammatical error, and suggests the correct way to fix it , it also exemplifies the correct way to use grammar rules that you have evoked. This feature creates a better understanding of the rules amongst the users as well makes sure that they will not commit the same mistakes again.

So to condense it, it not just fixed your grammar but also enhances it.

There is also almost always an issue with spellings. Most of the time the mistakes that we make are so silly that our mind is unable to detect them.

But Grammarly identifies any sort of spelling mistakes made and flags and fixes it.

It also suggests other words that you may use instead of the misspelled one. I think, that’s extremely helpful not only because you learn synonyms but also because you see what particular mistakes you make while spelling words.

It supports your writing style effortlessly by maintaining the rhythm and flow with the most appropriate words to match your style and the correct structure of sentences to help with the main purpose of the text material.

Is it worth buying?

The question whether or not the Premium version is worth it keeps coming back.

In my personal opinion, it seems like a perfectly fitting tool for all types of writing no matter what is the nature of your writing style or the need of your work.

The functionality is no doubt great in action and meets up with various kinds of demands.

Definitely, the free version is good as well. It’s great for day to day messaging, emailing and light writing. In some cases, it might even be suitable for professional work but the Premium version beats it.

Don’t you want to deliver error-free content to your readers?? Premium version does it all. With every possible advanced tool and easy to use interface, the Premium version has definitely won the race.

It will be the only editing software you will ever need. The users have reported that they experience less stress and stronger writing after using this app.

The pricing for the Premium account is plan wise which comes in — 
• Monthly — $29.95/month
• Quarterly — $19.98/month
• Yearly — $11.66/month

As of June 2018, Grammarly is offering uptown 40% discount on the price. If you don’t think that is a striking deal, you must be crazy.

But this discount offer isn’t for long, so I would suggest availing it as soon as possible.

At this price point, it is absolutely the best possible option. Considering the fact that the Grammarly software is top of its game, the prices were expected to be high but they’re surprisingly low.

Students are the top users of this version as well as the free one as it helps with school and collegiate level theses, articles and papers which may cost you a grade if not done correctly.

Get a free trial of the Premium version

If you’re still not quite sure on the usefulness of this proofreading tool, Grammarly offers a trial of the Premium version for 7 days, absolutely free of cost.

I would strongly recommend you to go for a free trial version once.

You have to sign up with your ID and contact details and they will provide you with a free trial account for a week with all of its Premium version tools so that you can see, experience and decide for yourselves if it’s worth the money or not.

Even if you’re not interested in the Premium version, the trial is worth taking. The entirety of the experience is algorithm based so it shifts itself around your personalized needs. Once you use it, you will not want to give it up.

Grammarly has been around for almost about ten years, as it came out in early 2009, and hence the software development team knows the market and the users very well.

It is specially designed by language experts to make writing as painless as possible.

The people who have used Grammarly have claimed that they have started enjoying writing after they got it, and rest assured that you will not regret it.

Use Grammarly discount to get your Grammarly in very low price, it would definitely not burden you at such a low price.

What I think of Grammarly

After the complete review of Grammarly, I have compiled the following points:

Guys if you have good money to spend on proofreading and plagiarism you can hire an experienced writer or someone else to proofread your article. But if you opt this software it will save a lot because it has many features than its price.

Moreover, I can say it can single-handedly helps you to eliminate almost all types of errors in your writing.

Thus you get more time to contribute in your creative writing part rather then spending time in proofreading.

Yeah I know, doing a lot of manual editing are too boring sometime you missed out spelling slip errors, then the one-and-only sure shot solution is Grammarly.

So, if you are just a beginner and want to try your hands on writing or if you just outsourced your content and then proofread it then the billing amount may seem hefty to you according to your budget.

So, instead paying proofreading fee you can adjust to the Free version of Grammarly initially and continually upgrade it when you grow.

Yes with this free version you can do alot with it and enjoy the benefits of this software. To all the features in summary, here’s a list on what Grammarly can do:


  1. Saves your hard-earned money by correcting the missed-out mistakes buy itself, rather than paying to someone.
  2. It can keep you inspired with your trend and progress reports.
  3. Grammarly can inspire you writing into more compelling than before.
  4. Makes your text free of plagiarism.
  5. Grows your word-power and vocabulary.
  6. It can break your bad grammar habits.
  7. Save time.
  8. gives confidence.
  9. you can use it any where online or offline.

If you asks from me to recommend the best grammar checker, I would suggest Grammarly without thinking any second.

I used it in my day to day life and now its a part of my life.

If you are planning to purchase it then good but if you already using Grammarly then share how the experience? check the Discount website for grammarly


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