Fear of the unknown
The fear of the unknown (Photo Georges Becker)

You will agree with me. All things are impermanent. And most of the best things we received were from great changes.

Remember the example of electricity? We had that great invention because there was a willingness to change from the oil lamps.

Another example. European people did want to change their lives. They decided to go to America and brought about a great civilization. But why most of the people don’t change?

Reasons for “no change” might be external…

Can we say that only courageous people change? Not really. In fact, there are many reasons why people are generally keen on changes.

Many “non-change” attitude can be attributed to the external environment. It is true. Sometimes you can’t change because the people around you don’t support it. There is no tool to help you on how and what to change. Or you do not have skills, or techniques, or material conditions…

But let me tell you, most of the powerful changes come from… the inside

The first important reason is BELIEF!

Why don’t you change?

If you are honest, you might say that because you do not truly believe that that change is a good thing in the current situation. Many people are not happy. But “what if” of change makes them worried. They believe that the “after change” might not be better than the current comfort zone.

They are fearful of the unknown. And they do not believe that they will succeed. And sometimes, they believe wrongly that changes might create difficulties for other people in your surroundings (their kids, their partner, their parents)…

The more important reason is IDENTITY!

Who I really am? (Photo Giovanni Calia)

It sounds strange. But most people don’t change, profoundly, because they attach themselves to an external-based identity. Sometimes without being aware of it.

For example, our decision on what job we do, what clothes we wear, what car to drive… are strongly based on an identity that we believe ours. And sometimes, this identity is out of the core part of who we are. 

I was working for several years as a manager in the pharmaceutical industry. It was because everybody looked at this job with admiration. I had a nice car, a good salary. And I believe that those were the identity of my person.

What if you stop a moment now, and think about it? What is your true identity? What you truly are as a person? Are you feel joy and happiness? I doubt that when you really understand who you are, profound changes might happen.

But hang on, identity might not be the most important reason …

The utmost reason is the PURPOSE!

The biggest changes in humanity have been driven by purpose. Purpose is the “what else”, after the “when and where” (external environment), the “what” (behavior), the “how” (skills), the “why” (belief), and the “who” (identity).

What else makes a difference if I change? (Photo Anthony from Pexels)

What else? What else makes it a difference if I change? What else that makes it meaningful to the animals, to plants, to the planet, if today I change my eating habit to protect life?

What else makes it a difference for my kids, if today, instead of providing only care and love, I change myself to bring to them dreams and inspirations? Because I have one?

I bet that, when a sense of purpose is found for a change, you can’t but go for it.

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