One day I decided to stop reading social media in general. This choice was not a firm and scheduled commitment but something due to general boredom and a feeling of emptiness. I needed to enrich the contents, the information, looking for something helpful to myself. While I was reading one of the conventional ‘business’ social media, I came across to a fabulous article, which gave me advice about self-improvement and at that precise moment, I discovered I remember I read further items from other websites, telling about valuable topics and I remember that I was so excited, thereby I learned a lot that day. Besides the fact that I had to learn and improve my English, I needed to find something captivating, that could keep me up engaged and hungry of knowledge. So, instead of wasting time swiping among content-free posts, I chose to augment the quality of my reading.
Now I check social media about every two months; I spend just a few minutes (or less?), to have a look around. Whereas I read every day new exciting pieces on or, where, after having set your favorite topics based on your interests, you can find precious and profound answers. Moreover, you can see new links, citing similar websites or you can discover a new writer very skilled in something matters to you.
It is like a chain of high contents.
I am happy when I receive mail about new articles posted online, and I look forward to reading them. And when I have time I always read; during my commuting time, on my lunch break or sometimes before I fall asleep.
I know this is a simple habit, but it can turn to a real betterment, my satisfaction in reading something. Now I am craving to read and my ‘old me’ .. bored by swiping tedious posts, is completely disappeared. So, why not choose something interesting and helpful for yourself; pieces of advice, articles on self-improvement, or how to overcome a problem or new ideas, like
Open your mind, change some (bad) habits and enrich your life.