What Is Your Narrative?

How do you speak to yourself? What vocabulary do you use? Is it “I’m not”, “I can’t”, “I should/shouldn’t”? Is it “I wish but…”, “I would be if only…”, “I’d never be able to…”? Even if you’re a generally positive and uplifted soul, maybe you sometimes catch yourself using self-deprecating phrases. Let’s change that.

Our Word Is Our Power

Our thoughts create our reality, our words are the spells we cast. Whatever you speak, is. If you are telling yourself that you ‘can’t’ do something, you won’t. Partially because of our understanding of the law of attraction and vibration, but also simply because if you don’t believe something is achievable before you even start, you are not going to work half as hard for it. Why would you put in that extra effort if you have already decided you will fail? 

You need to have certainty in yourself, your capabilities and your outcome for you to believe that all the hard work will pay off. Have faith in your life being a success, in everything working out for you. It will take the pressure off, as well as pushing you to work for what you know is going to work out! 

This not only applies to goals and what you want to gain in life, but also in your perception of yourself. What you tell yourself, about yourself, will mirror back into the experiences and relationships you receive. It will multiply in more thoughts about yourself, too. 

As mentioned previously, we are mirrors – we attract what we put out. Do you think lowly of yourself? Being on that vibration will bring people that reflect that view. They will treat you as such, also. Be completely in love with yourself, and you’ll see what you will and won’t allow from interactions with others, from relationships, from the workplace. Loving yourself and walking tall sets the bar high for those attracted into your life. The lower frequency ones simply will not be in alignment to enter into your life. If you don’t believe all the incredible things that are within you, this is your reminder that now is the time to start! 

Tried and Tested

Something that I seem to tell myself and noticed I write into my own story is “I have such a bad memory”. I often feel like it seems that I am not listening in conversations because I don’t remember facts or names. A few months ago I recognised this way of speaking to myself that I was partaking in, and made a conscious effort to change it. Whenever I caught myself about to say something like this, I reworded the sentence to: “I would really like to improve my memory”. Yes, I was still commenting on what I thought about myself, but in a way to attract circumstances that mirror my words – circumstances to improve my memory. I then became inspired to practice sudokus and the lot, to really work on this improvement! 

Around that time I did see progress in my memory, and more confidence in myself about it because I knew I was manifesting this improvement. It is something I would like to pick back up with though, as I have found myself falling back into the habit of speaking negatively about myself regarding things like that. We do not have to punish ourselves when we catch ourselves doing so. Accept what you have noticed; it will allow more space to improve than to be self-deprecating about it. 

Write Your Narrative

You write the story of your life. You decide what energy you give off. You decide how people view you, because it all starts with you. What narrative are you creating for yourself? “I will never find a true love”, “I’m not funny, no one likes me”, “I am untidy”?

Stop creating a space for you to play the victim. When you tell these stories about yourself, you allow yourself to play into these character traits. If you tell yourself “I am loving and attracting love all of the time”, it detaches from an alignment of being horrible to others. A loving person is loving. If you sit comfortably in the idea of “I am lazy”, you allow yourself to follow a lethargic lifestyle, “because it’s who you are”. The same goes for money problems (“I’m so bad with money”), relationships (“I always find the wrong guys”) and so on. Sometimes, it’s not even on a conscious level that you are doing this. 

Change This Right Now!

Today, try to recognise the narratives you set in your life. What kind of things do you tell yourself regularly? When you say them to yourself, what kind of feelings arise? If you catch yourself doing so, try and re-word the sentence or thought that you were forming. Maybe it is “I’m never going to get that promotion”? Change it to “I would really love to get that promotion”. Whilst creating kinder conversation with yourself, it is also a way of no-pressure manifesting that I spoke about in last week’s post. A win-win! 

Strengthen your confidence and start loving yourself. Start telling yourself you can. You will. Youtuber Amber School is so inspiring to me because of her story on how she built such a following and grew her dream life. (I have definitely not just watched that video for the third time and bawled my eyes out…) A quote she lives by is: 

What if it doesn’t come true? Ah, but what if it does.

Upgrade your narrative. Speaking negatively of yourself is just another example of living from a place of lack. It is focusing on what you don’t have or are not. No one needs this in their life! You can work on improving yourself and your future by speaking in a way that attracts more, improving or building morefor yourself. Stop focusing on what is not present in your life, as by the Universal law of attraction, this will bring more of it. 

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