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To change your energy and change your life requires energy vibrational alignment to the clear vision of what you want to create. For most people it is something that seems impossible, but what if you can achieve that in a playful way?

You see, the difference between what you want and where you are now is your energy vibration as a result of your mind-body states – the emotions you experience.

If you are not tuned into the energy frequency of what you desire, you cannot attract it and allow it to show up in your life.

Radio Station Frequency

Why? Because everything about what you desire is vibrating at that energy frequency. It’s like listening to a radio station where you hear the host, guests, adverts, stories, music, etc. All that you hear on that radio station is related to that frequency of that radio station.

In the same way, your energy vibration is related to the opportunities, people, places, and results of what you attract.

If your awareness of consciousness is attuned to the energy vibration frequency of your desires, then opportunities will show up, people will show up, unexpected doors will fly open and money will fall into your lap as if from nowhere!

What makes it easy to tune into the frequency is just to feel good, have fun, get yourself out of the way, even head out of town as Abraham Hicks says, to stop you from interfering with the Universe. In other words, take your mind off of looking for what you want and not finding it, confirming its absence and thereby creating resistance to it manifesting.

Every time you do this, you are pushing back the progress of creating what you want AND attracting experiences of what you don’t want. A double whammy!

No Difference

The beautiful thing is that there is no difference in the way you tap into the frequency of what you desire, whether it is a thousand dollars or a million dollars. You still need to Trust in the Universal Laws and Let Go. You still need to experience gratitude as if you already have what you want. You still need to experience the elevated emotions of love, joy, gratitude, and peace to allow it in.

The difference that determines the size and speed of manifesting your desires is the clarity of your vision and how long you can maintain elevated emotions, thereby keeping yourself from interfering with the process.

This is a muscle that you exercise to grow in strength as I talked about in the 4 Ways to Have Faith that Moves Mountains.

And it is here where you shoot yourself in the foot and sabotage your creation because you don’t give the Universe time to bring to you what you want. There is always a gestation period between the idea and the physical appearance of it.

Just take the idea of creating a cake. When you think of creating a cake, the cake does not appear out of thin air. You first get the idea, then you think of the ingredients and perhaps you have to go out and buy the stuff you need. Then you follow the method and mix the cake and bake it at a certain temperature for an amount of time. Then only after the cake is cooled down, you cover the cake in icing before it is ready to be enjoyed.

Creating the cake is easy in terms of manifesting because it is only you and the cake.

But when it involves bigger ideas that include other people, then there is a much bigger picture and this Infinite Intelligence organizes people and opportunities to bring you what you want as well as for everybody else.


The result of a higher vibration is expanding your awareness – when you are open and expanding, you are seeing things you were blind to before.

You then notice abundance and beauty and give thanks for that and your energy field attracts more experiences to make you feel that way.

But then, just as you are feeling fabulous…. just as you are enjoying this awesome feeling, a thought out of nowhere pops into your mind, reminding you of a bill that you haven’t paid yet, or your bank account balance pops into your mind.

The trick is to NOT be sucked into a low vibration here… and not to let your senses determine your thinking.

Here, self-awareness is so valuable, because when this happens you know that it is your old paradigm that is trying to pull you back into your comfort zone.

Notice I say trying because you have a choice here to give your power away to your old paradigm of fear and lack, or to claim your power back and use your free will to choose thoughts of love and abundance that empower and feed your new paradigm and Truth!

Easier said than done, you may say. And yes, I agree with you, because your old paradigm is fighting for its life and your intention is for it to die and your new paradigm to take over.

So how can you stay motivated if it is so difficult?

In my experience, it is to make it into a game. Playfulness is key because then your energy vibration tends to stay at a higher frequency.

We all know the practice to surround yourself with people that you aspire to. It is a fact that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Often, it is not possible to surround yourself with the people that you aspire to for various reasons. You may be an entrepreneur working from home and you are either alone or surrounded by family who does not represent that group of people you are striving to become.

New Circle of Friends

So what about creating a new circle of friends of Gratitude, Joy, Love, Infinity, Presence, Appreciation, Acceptance, Abundance, Fun, Possibility, Enthusiasm, Patience, Peace, Clarity, Best-Case-Scenario of BCS for short, etc.

These are all elevated emotions and if you see them as people, as friends you then surround yourself with them. Make it your priority to make them feel welcome and that means to check in on them and see if they are okay. It means to spend time with them and that means to engage in thoughts, daydreaming, activities, places, and people that evoke these emotions.

When the old paradigm surfaces and you get that familiar feeling or thoughts aiming at dragging you down, you say, “Sorry, I’m with Infinity.” Or, “Sorry, I can’t see you anymore. I’m siding with my new friends.”

Be proactive and continuously check in with your new circle of friends and consciously step into these elevated emotions and notice impulses to take inspired action.

In other words, build a relationship with your New Paradigm, your New Self until it becomes your New Normal, your Natural State-of-Being of how you experience your world.

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  • Dina Marais

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    Dina is a Business & Life Reinvention Coach and works with entrepreneurs and professionals to reinvent their business and life, live a stress-free lifestyle and make money in harmony with their heart, health and the Universe. Dina believes to BE the change you want to see in your business by mastering your mindset energy vibration and leverage your expertise to manifest your vision and business lifestyle. She has been involved in coaching and business for more than 16 years. Dina is a co-author with 19 other women world wide sharing their love journeys of trauma and triumph in the #1 International Best Seller Love Unboxed by Placida Acheru.