You can change your life by changing the conversations you have with yourself.

This is actually true…

Let me ask you something…

How DO you talk to yourself?

“Ah, I don’t deserve that.”

“Ah, I’m not good enough.”


Who said so?

See, when we have those conversations with ourselves on the regular, we actually inhibit any sufficient action that we could take that would allow us to create the results that we actually enjoy… an abundance of finances.. the comfort of a nice home..

You know, especially when it comes to the things that each of us is actually really passionate about deep down..

Before I found Dave Smith and we started the Reality Hacker Success Academy…

I had absolutely terrible inner dialogue about what we now do.

“Nobody’s gonna wanna hear this. People are going to think this is crazy talk..”

It wasn’t until I realized the massive value of not only myself, but the knowledge and understanding that we now equip thousands of entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches around the world with, that I was actually able to tell myself a new story about the whole thing..

See, the old story completely inhibited any sufficient sort of action that produced the results I desired..

Deep down I REALLY wanted to start this kind of business..

But my inner dialogues were terrible, man.

So I began to retrain my inner conversations..

“Well.. nobody wants to hear this.”


“Well… they don’t really care.”


“Well… they don’t care about what I have to say..”


“Well, because……”

That last statement is ALWAYS an issue with self image..

See, all of the shitty dialogue we have with ourselves..

On the surface level, it’s all external excuses..

But if we can be brave, transparent, and completely honest with ourselves..

We will uncover the flaws of perception that we have had towards ourselves.

It can be hard.

It can be scary.

But it can be so rewarding.

It can be so freeing.

Once we actually uncover the shitty self image we’ve carried, we actually get the opportunity to let it go, and do some real reframing.

Take it from a guy who was homeless in 5 states, an alcoholic, born into foster homes and went through a failed adoption.

Because the truth is, you actually CAN do anything you want. Like, you really can.

The only reason you ever won’t is because of that story you’re telling yourself as to why you can’t.


Change that story..

Man, you’ll be flying like the moon in no time.


Contrary to most personal development coaches and courses…

Changing your life isn’t one big drama, or an overnight secret.

It’s consistent tweaking, and optimizing of inner systems, inner dialogue, and the inner world.

And if you’re REALLY doing the work..

The outer stuff falls into place.

That’s just the way it is.

What’s the biggest inner system you know you need to fix in order to make 2018 the best year yet?