Thanks for being here. I write on this platform for people to learn skills that would help them explore and develop a healthy mindset with the intent of improving their own happiness and circumstances. That’s the helpful side of personal development.

The down side is that personal development can become self centered. It can become easy to tune out “negativity” and stories that bring you down. I’m here to say, don’t fall into that trap.

I realize I don’t say this enough. Personal growth and self improvement are nothing more than a selfish folly when the end point is only your own personal gain. I challenge you to explore, grow, heal, and inspire, so that you can help better the world. Grow yourself so you can change the world. This world won’t heal until each and every one of us roots out the beliefs that limit other people for any reason.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life isn’t a statement for mere personal growth and inspiration.

You want to grow and expand as an individual, but if its sole purpose is to improve conditions for only yourself, it falls short. The point is to grow the self, so that you’re improving the world for everyone.

Shocking events in the US have raised a call each and every one of us must heed. In some way we all must strengthen our efforts to improve the world and rid it of social injustices. That need was there long before the past few weeks, and that need can no longer be ignored.

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” Thich Nhat Hanh

And here’s the part that might be a hard pill to swallow. Explore your own limiting beliefs in a way that’s different from what I’ve taught in the past.

Instead of being self reflective for your own benefit, explore the beliefs and subconscious biases you have that limit other people. 

Subconscious biases are nearly universal to human nature. Root them out. Lay them bare. Shine light on them. Heal.

See the perfection of the divine in each and every person. When you reject the divine in any person, you’re rejecting God.

You are powerful. You have unique and needed skills. Put your skills to use to make this a safe and just world for every person.

Find things you can do at the links below.

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Thank you for being here. Let’s join together as a force for universal good.

Stay well,


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