People have been hit hard by the corona virus fallout.  For anyone at a disadvantage during normal times it is amplified now.  Economically, the bottom has completely fallen out for some people and our normal way of life is no longer, nor is there any chance to return to business as usual in the foreseeable future.

Therefore, I believe there are two choice.  You can either have this metaphorical tsunami wash over you and accept the new normal without trying to make changes, or ask yourself how can I, with the gifts I have been given, create opportunity out of this destruction and rise above the tides possibly reinventing myself and others in the process.

This too shall pass and there will be a new normal.  When that time comes, and you look back, how do you want to remember this time period? What did you do to stand-up for what is right? How did you help others less fortunate get back-up on their feet?  Did you learn a new skill, reconnect with old friends and family, help your neighbor? Whatever your choice, now is not a time to be complacent.  Take action because there is no better time than right now to make change.

My simple recommendation is alter your mindset to empower yourself to create the change you want to see.  This is not to diminish either the basic needs that need to be met, or the systemic injustices that need to be overcome, but to encourage pursuit of change in the face of adversity.  Such an approach is far better than a do nothing alternative.

To provide perspective, this is the approach I am taking during this time.  I am a strong believer in making time to give-back and economically empower others.  In response to the global shutdowns, I volunteered to build and launch – – an online store providing a group of low-income women, from a community (Wilmington, CA), I have fallen in love with the ability to sell their crafts online, economically empowering themselves. These women from the non-profit SBCC Thrive LA have a strong place in my heart given the impact I have seen from their economic and community empowerment programs.  As one of the members from SBCC (Strength Based Community Change) so eloquently said:

“When I first came to SBCC, they told me that their goal was to teach us to fish instead of just giving us fish. They are fulfilling this promise. We have lots of conversations on how we can improve our products. They might tell me my product is wonderful, but it can still be improved in this way. They never give me a negative attitude, but they do tell me gently ways that I can do better. In this way, they have helped us get the fish.”

Now these women have the skills and ability to reach a much larger audience with their products and rise above the tides.  After this corona virus pandemic has passed, we will look back not only at all the hardships, but also at all the opportunities created and the lives helped.  I hope you join me in creating the future you want to see by altering your mind-set and making the changes take hold.