Brian C Jensen

Having an optimistic attitude makes you proactive, rather than reactive. A positive person is prepared for all types of situations and has a solution to every problem. They are proactive in the sense that they overcome difficult times without losing their temper. They focus on the “I can” aspect of things.

With the advent of coronavirus, everyone has gotten worried about life post-pandemic. Stress has become a part of life for many. However, with anxiety ruling over many, the majority of people become impulsive and merely react to situations. Instead, you need to maintain a proactive personality to overcome the hard times brought on by the pandemic. It would be best if you worked on things under your control and leave out those that are not. A proactive person is focused, has the high problem-solving ability, and is ready to take action.

You are responsible for yourself says, Brian C Jensen

As the pandemic prohibited the world from functioning normally, it is natural for people to become frustrated and lose their mental peace, says Brian C Jensen. However, if you stop being reactive and stay calm, you will indeed find the solutions you need to overcome your problems. Quarantine is for the benefit of all people. If they cannot take responsibility for themselves, no one else will. Success comes to those who are ready to take care of each other. Friends and family can provide virtual support so that they will not spread the virus.

What lies ahead is more important than what has gone by

Yes, the global pandemic has adversely affected business and has shattered the economy. But what has been done cannot be undone. Focus on the future. Think of solutions for getting the business world back on track. Use your calm to deal with the storm. A proactive person will focus on ways in which the ‘new normal’ can lead to a better life.

Surround yourself with encouraging people

Stay away from news that will affect your confidence and make you more worried. Furthermore, the right people will drive you to succeed rather than pulling you down. Allow yourself some time to meditate and enjoy your personal space too. All these strategies will motivate you towards your goals. Talk to friends who encourage you to stay productive during these trying times.

Take the broader view into account

Although the virus has prevented people from leading an everyday life, you need to focus on the ultimate objective. The pandemic may slow down your progress, but do not let it stop you from being consistent. Do not allow small obstacles to hurt your confidence. Hard work never goes in vain. So, keep striving until you accomplish your goal.

Set your priorities right

You cannot sail two boats at the same time. Prioritize what you can do. If one tries to do everything together, there are high chances of failing. Take one step at a time, instead of jumping from one task to another.

Stay focused on the most critical goal rather than trying to achieve all of them at once.

It is essential to transform ideas into action. Learn to take chances. Even if you fail, you will learn from experience. Proactive people take the initiative instead of submitting themselves to fate.