“I feel so accomplished.” Most of us feel NOT accomplished, right?  We feel our to-do list is never ending and we can’t get it all done. What does that do to our bodies and emotions? Well it brings us stress; we beat ourselves up for not checking this or that off our box. And the more we beat ourselves up the worse we feel, and the worse we feel the more our bodies listen to that.  Our bodies respond and say ok you want to feel bad… no problem… let me give you more of that… so we get colds, or sick or aches and pains or accidents or worse… dis-ease.

So why not make a declaration today that you will stop! You will flip it from I didn’t get that done today, I didn’t accomplish that too… oh look I did that today! I finished that deadline. I completed those chores, I made that phone call. I paid those bills. I took one step toward my goal today! Boom now say that affirmation. “I feel so accomplished.” Good job! Keep doing that every day and see how that starts to shift your experiences. See how much better you will feel and see how your body will thank you for that.

Many of us have for so many years beat ourselves up so bad that our bodies are responding in kind and we don’t have a clue as to why we do that or where it comes from. Does it come from a message we received in childhood? Maybe it’s someone else’s story and we took it on. Maybe we like using our story as an excuse to not accomplish some goal. What is your story? If you look hard enough you will find it.

I discover new stories I tell all the time. The good news is I have become aware that I do that so I can stop. How about you? It’s time to drop it and change your story. I made a decision a few years ago and I like it – “I am QUEEN of my Universe!”

xoxo ~ Melisa