Awakening to the realisation that you are constantly creating your own reality and future with your thoughts and emotions alone and taking full responsibility for the fact that the quality of your life depends on the quality of your mindset is the most life changing lesson you could ever learn. What you produce on the inside, will eventually manifest on the outside.

You are not a victim of your past and you are not a prisoner of your present circumstances, however challenging they are. Perhaps you feel trapped inside your own body, you feel like a foreigner has invaded your mind and it’s pure torture. Your mind is a wonderful, powerful organ, but you must take control and understand that it reaps exactly what you plant, and can work for you or against you.

Our thoughts, actions and emotions create our personalities which create our reality. All of which is either conscious or subconscious. Conscious thoughts are the thoughts you are aware of and have more control over. Your subconscious thoughts are thoughts that come from your memory, thoughts that you are not focusing on and not aware of but are just there hanging out calling you names and reminding you of your past and holding you back from living a life that is full of joy and happiness. Subconscious thoughts can be detrimental to your mental health, success and manifesting your desired future. This is where most of your critical and self sabotaging thoughts arise. Thoughts that lie dormant from when you were a child, memories whether good or bad, negative experiences that have created these thoughts do not help you with your potential and they definitely do not heal you feeling lost, depressed or not worthy.

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Thoughts that come from your past have no power over your future unless you allow them. What these negative subconscious thoughts do is blind you from seeing the truth, seeing your greatness and your potential in life. It is easy to become blinded by pride and glory, blinded by depression and this vision creates a distorted view of yourself, reality and others around you. You forget your own greatness and the greatness of life. All of this can be healed. The single fact that you are a human with a beating heart gives you the power to become the person you want to be. All by changing your mindset.

I am pretty sure if you are feeling stuck, you’re not going to want to stay there forever. I am telling you right now, you can change your future by becoming aware of all of your thoughts. Through self examination and understanding where your thoughts and automatic behaviors come from. You have to become familiar with the old self before you can unlearn all of your bad behavioral habits and thought patterns so that you can become, the new you. This may feel difficult and challenging at the beginning because it will take you into a new unknown and uncomfortable place. This new place is not to be feared, this is where change happens and you step into the power of becoming your real, whole authentic self. This is where you become the person you were born to be all along, before someone told you that you weren’t good enough or couldn’t do all the things you wanted.

To create change, you must stop making the same choices today that you made yesterday. You must hold onto the positive thoughts that relate to how you want to feel and where you want your future to take you. You have to become focused on letting go of the past, and start visualizing the future you desire. Start to see your dreams in your mind coming into manifestation and then hold onto the emotion that is attached to your desire coming true. You will feel amazing and then will start to attract amazing things. Once you begin to practice being self aware, you will become addicted to thinking only positive, happy thoughts.

To change your life you must change your mind. The body follows where the mind goes. What we think, say and do today is where our future will take us. Learn to be the master of your mind and body with positive thinking and affirmations. Continually find things to be grateful for in your life, gratitude holds so much power to shift you from a state of stress to a state of contentment and bliss. Appreciate the beauty that is around you, and find ways to appreciate your life. Most importantly, do not give up on creating the best version of yourself!

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