You cannot expect to get better if you are not willing to make some changes in your life. As the famous saying goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”. So, if you’re ready to finally make some changes to improve your mental health, take a look at our top recommendations that, yes, even we follow!

55 Powerful Changes That’ll Improve Your Mental Health

Making these changes to improve your mental health all at once will be overwhelming. Instead, pick a handful to work on each week and slowly but surely, make progress.

Social Circle

1. Unfollow unhealthy social media accounts

2. Limit your time spent on social media

3. End toxic relationships

4. Limit the amount of time you spend with negative people

5. Prioritize your social circle

6. Practice overcoming shyness

7. Try something new

8. Stay in contact with friends

9. Be generous and give selflessly

Lifestyle Changes

10. Meditate daily (try 7 Minute Meditation)

11.Eat less pre-packaged foods

12. Stop checking your phone as soon as you wake up

13. Go to bed early

14. Dedicate 30 minutes each day to do something relaxing

15. Be active for at least 10 minutes a day

16. Use more natural remedies instead of over-the-counter medicines

17. Listen to binaural tones daily

18. Practice mindfulness

19. Choose to stay positive

20. Start the day with positive affirmations

21. Use personal aromatherapy devices to channel good feelings and calmness

Environmental Changes

22. Redecorate so you feel happy in your home

23. Add more plants into your home

24. Swap out dark colours for bright or neutral tones

25. Hang inspirational artwork on the walls

26. Plug in the power of Himalayan salt lamp

27. Open the blinds

28. Use essential oil diffusers throughout your home

29. De-clutter – a tidy space equals a tidy mind

Activity Changes

30. Take longer, deeper breaths

31.Start doing yoga (yes, it actually works!)

32. Take some fun self-awareness quizzes

33. Listen to music (binaural tones encourage your brain to release feel-good-vibes)

34. Walk mindfully

35. Watch the clouds

36. Garden (the dirt is good for you, as it’s grounding)

37. Do random acts of kindness

38. Sing in the shower

39. Write down moments that make you feel good each day and store them in a jar

40. Dance

41. Drink more H20

42. Stretch more

43. Walk more, drive less

Habitual Changes

44. Don’t leave things to the last minute

45. Find the positive in every situation

46. Stand up tall

47. Fix your posture

48. Be in the moment instead of snapping shots and recording stories

49. Seek out humour every day

50. Give yourself time to be alone

51. Stop sleeping with your phone beside your bed

52. Don’t skip meals

53. Give yourself an hour to wind down before bed

54. Unplug from technology for at least an hour a day

55. Wake up and get ready for the day even if you have nowhere to be

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Originally published on Anxiety Gone