Peace & Serenity

With all we have faced thus far in 2020, I have taken a closer look at consciousness and my understanding of the word.

Consciousness is awareness, observing, seeing things as they truly are and acting accordingly.  Our core value and belief systems are also connected to our consciousness.

Having worked in the corporate banking sector for the last 13 years, my consciousness has evolved from egoic to heart centred.  Landing my first role at a corporate bank back in 2007 was like a dream come true, having grown up listening to capitalist, patriarchal narratives such as:  “money makes the world go round” and “it’s a rich man’s world” I have always aspired to increase money, wealth and abundance in any way I can.  My consciousness was intrinsically linked to how things appeared externally.   The shinier and newer it looked, the better I believed it would be.  Constantly seeking external validation and gratification, I was caught up in a race of surface level superficiality, never feeling good enough, somewhat disconnected from all around me but most poignantly myself.

Over the last few months there has been a marked shift in consciousness on a personal level but also for the world as a collective.  The global pandemic and all that has led up to it has mandatorily caused us to stop and take a deep hard look at what is actually going on around us.  We’ve begun to see things organically and naturally without any gloss.  True love, compassion and empathy are borne through connection to the raw and organic nature of who we truly are and what moves us as a people.  We are becoming conscious on a deeper level as a global collective.

The culture of the corporate banking world has had to do a full 360 degree turn with, for the most part, 100% of workforces now being based at home for the sake of safety.  

Presenteeism and other staunch corporate cultural practices are dismantling, soon to be a thing of the past.  An example of this is whereby employees are forced to be present in the office for more hours than required (often as a manifestation of insecurity about one’s value in an organisation).  

These practices have been disadvantageous for various groups in the corporate world, most commonly those with mental health or physical health issues, employees with children and other caring responsibilities.  

As well as directly compromising the wellbeing of the corporate banking professional community for decades, in no way shape or form have said practices ever elevated performance, instead they have hindered.  

This mandatory shift to all working from home has seen productivity levels across most, if not all, workforces increase with huge savings being made on power, leasing and other maintenance costs as a result of our mass exodus from offices.

This increase in consciousness has resulted in an emphasis on wellbeing, more open deeply liberating and freeing communication, which in turn is elevating performance.

If you are a corporate banking professional still adjusting to the culture shift we are facing right now, try and take a moment to pay attention to how this shift is affecting you and your world.  This could be simply looking out of your window at the trees as they sway in the breeze, and the birds as they fly and flock together, go out and walk in nature. Look at life through fresh eyes, truly observing and taking in the simplest things that up until now we never had time to notice.  The time gained in no longer commuting or getting ready to go into the office means there really is no excuse to do something for yourself in the mornings and evenings.  Making a conscious effort to do this will enable you to connect with your core values and ascertain what is really important to you.   Paying attention to the bigger picture, aligned with purpose we can in turn move towards becoming intentional and focused in all we do, both professionally and personally.  No more living behind a façade, it is time to speak our truth.  Our voices will be heard and listened to amidst this dawn of changing the status quo.

My vision for the future of global corporate banking is more emphasis placed on the wellbeing of employees and working from home becoming our new normal.  Equality, diversity and inclusion will play a bigger role across all organisations, this has already begun, but will continue with fuller momentum throughout 2020 and far beyond.  Marginalised minority groups will now be given the same range of opportunity as the majority.  Conversations around micro aggressions, overt and covert racism in the workplace are being had and will continue as a norm; harmful practices and cultures will be eradicated.  This current climate of change is enabling humanity to galvanise in a way we have never seen in our lifetimes.  United consciousness where we stand up for each other from a space of morality, justice and peace.  We are transitioning from Survival to Thrival mode and I am truly exhilarated to evolve and develop in such a revolutionary reality.