It’s Sunday night. I am scheduled to facilitate a meeting for a team of twelve Executives in the morning. I try fixing my thoughts of messing things up or saying the wrong words but nothing helps. It’s getting late and I’m still up thinking about my important day. I shower and go to bed, but there is no sleep. I start thinking about the reasons I am under-qualified to conduct this meeting. 

Monday comes, and I’m so nervous I’m barely concentrating on getting dressed, putting on makeup, or fixing my hair. It seems as if nothing is going right. I paused what I was doing to take a deep breath. I said to myself, “STOP, it’s handled!” 

I’m driving to my destination which was about 20 minutes away. This gives me more time to calm down and breathe before going to the meeting. I reach my destination, gather my briefcase and materials, and walk into the building. I’m greeted and led to the conference room where the meeting will be conducted. The attendees are walking in.  The thoughts instantly come back. I’m a woman, African-American, younger than anyone there. Why would they want to listen to anything I have to say? At this point, I’m sweating yet still trying to maintain a smile and show some type of confidence.  

I’m inspecting the room as they look through the materials I’ve handed out. I’m looking at body language and gestures to see if I should indeed run while I still have time. As I’m inspecting the room, I stop and realize I’m creating a scenario of events in my head that haven’t happened and probably won’t. I had to ask myself why I wanted to be good enough for them but not myself. I let fear completely take over and forgot who I was for a split second. 

Here are a few tips I’ve now acquired to create my definition of “Good Enough.”

You have the power to create your own story of who you are.

One thing I recognize is that we have the power to create what good enough means as it relates to who we are. I realize any assignment I’m presented with is designed specifically for me.  Therefore,  I will always be good enough to complete the task at hand. I think about all the time and energy I wasted the night before the meeting. Your thoughts more than anything else pulls you away from being your true self. We have to let go of seeking approval from others. Show up as yourself, every day of your life because there’s a more immense reward where there’s authenticity.

It’s time to shift your thinking.

It’s time to shift the narrative of your story to one that tells you, you are more than enough. Don’t look to your left or your right, in front or behind you for more than what you already are. Stay in alignment with your purpose. Listen to the voice that describes the greater things in you. Spend less time playing the comparison game and more time celebrating your wins. What value does a negative thought have?  

Watch the energy you keep.

Energy is the main ingredient of our confidence. The people we keep around play a major role in the trajectory of our life. Love everyone, just love some from a distance. Be kind to everyone, just show kindness from a distance. You are capable of knowing the difference between someone good for your growth and someone who was born to stunt it. It is not selfish to say NO to relationships and friendships that do not make you love life.

We are fully equipped to do great things.

When I’m presented with a difficult task, I remember the moment I had in front of the Executives and asking myself, “What Does “Good Enough” Really Mean, Anyway? Good enough means, I’ve been adequately equipped with everything that is required to complete the challenge and that I will never fall short. God has already given me everything I need. He just asks I do the work! He asks I trust His word and His promises to me about who I am.  

In 2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. Lean into His power and remember His word. You are more than enough. If there is anything you’ve been afraid to do because you didn’t think you carried the qualifications, make a promise to yourself that you will go out and do the thing! You will pursue it while in His power and grace and with confidence.  He equips us with all we need, but we have to do the work.