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Underneath all our glamor and tough exterior shells, humans are really basic creatures. All we really want in this world is love and a sense of freedom. We crave alignment. We deeply desire heart-centered soul-connection.

So isn’t it funny how rarely our lives reflect those true cravings?

Instead, we get caught up in the rat-race of life. We’re expected to jump on the corporate ladder, to make lots of money and to chase down the expected trappings of success. And if we somehow fail to do that, people might think something is wrong with us.

The cultural push to have more and the internal desire to feel connection can leave one feeling at odds. It’s never a great feeling to realize that one need or desire effectively cancels out another one.

But do they really need to cancel each other out? As I’ve learned through my own journey, there is a way to unify these two parts of us: the need to connect and the need to succeed in this material plane: the spiritually aligned business.

However, I understand the confusion around this subject. Most people still don’t think that money and spirituality go together. So by default, business is not considered a viable option for us spiritual types either. Working is a means to an ends and you must meet your spiritual needs on your own time.

To this, I have to remind you that you are a powerful Conscious Creator. You are a divine being of light, who’s here to have a temporary human experience. And despite what the world tells you, what you see on TV, and what your parents want for you, you get to become exactly who you want to be in this wild world of planet earth. You get to create your own destiny.

Most people don’t see spirituality and business going hand-in-hand because we’re still buying into the old paradigm. We’ve been taught that you can’t have success and love or a family. We’re told to choose between being a leader and having fun or between being spiritual and wealthy.

But what if you didn’t have to choose?

The truth is the world has changed massively in the last 20 years. The world has become ripe for small business and entrepreneurs. But those strong ideas we hold so strongly about success and money have not shifted to change with the times.

I love to teach my students and clients this one powerful practice: you get to believe in exactly what you want to see in the world, whether that’s an idea about you or the world itself. Every belief is a choice, yet most of us have forgotten that we were the ones doing the choosing.

It makes absolutely no logical sense that so many of us would rather cling to these harmful and short-sighted ideas rather than open the door to possibility.

But fear is a powerful motivational force and our ego-brain would very much rather us stay where we are and not explore the wonders of the world. So fear can keep us feeling stuck and playing small even when there’s an entire world of possibility out there waiting for us.

The idea that we have to conform to these rigid standards is actually just a rule that we’ve chosen for ourselves. (Yes, we’ve even chosen the rules we really don’t like!)

Successful spiritual businesses do exist and thrive in this world. There are coaches, healers and practitioners who are helping people and making good money all at the same time. It’s time for the idea that spirituality and business can’t co-exist to slowly die out. But we’re the ones who have to put these damaging thoughts to rest but choosing to believe in something new.

As the divine creature that you are, you were meant to thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually. If this article is resonating with you, maybe it’s time to become a little more curious about your own unmet needs and desires. A soul-aligned spiritual business might just the perfect way for you to align two distinct needs within you.


  • Jenn Stevens

    Bestselling Author, Spiritual Life + Business Coach

    The Aligned Life

    Jenn Stevens is the Bestselling Author of The Mindful Witch, a Spiritual Life and Business Coach. Her site, The Aligned Life, helps people move from STRUGGLE to SPARKLE, through a practical combination of mindset techniques and manifestation. Originally from Vancouver, BC, she currently lives the expat life in Berlin, Germany with her grumpy sixteen-year-old cat, Kitten.