Though society often teaches us to look outside of ourselves for our sources of happiness, well-being and success, we don’t have to wait for anyone to hand us the life we want. We can create it ourselves. One very effective way to do this is by using affirmations.  According to the Law of Attraction, what we think about, we bring about. So we want to have a mindset, or state of mind, that will help attract the things we want. When we do this, we are literally creating the lives we want! Here is a look at affirmations and how they can help us change our mindset.

Affirmations give us the same breath of fresh air as sitting outside in nature.
Affirmations give us the same breath of fresh air as sitting outside in nature.
  • Simply put, an affirmation is a positive statement that when repeated regularly, can actually shift our thinking. For example, one basic affirmation can be something like “I have the power to create anything I want in life” or “I am a whole, healthy, vibrant being.” There are many that are available online, in books, or you can create them yourself like the previous two created by this author.
  • Affirmations are powerful because they have an effect on both the conscious and subconscious mind. When a new affirmation is first spoken, the conscious mind picks it up, whether it is said out loud, written or even spoken internally. These new statements can at first seem awkward and unfamiliar, but when an affirmation is said repeatedly every day, the thoughts triggered by the affirmation can begin to absorb into the subconscious. Real change begins in the subconscious, for that’s where we can change beliefs that are no longer serving us. By doing this we create room to bring in beliefs that support us. Our mindset is then one that can align with the Universe and attract the higher energetic vibration, resources, and ideas to bring in the things we want in our lives.
  • It is vital that shifts happen at both the conscious and subconscious levels. In this way we are literally changing our mindset. This practice does not need to be something that takes very long either: That is what’s so great about it. In order to have the maximum effectiveness, it is best to say our affirmation(s) of choice at least twice per day, first thing in the morning and last thing before going to sleep at night. When we say our affirmations at these times, we are not just potentially setting the tone for the day ahead. We are also programming our minds so that we can literally “sleep on it”, which will further reinforce the affirmations within our subconscious.
  • We can use more than one affirmation a day as well if that feels right. Also, if it raises our energetic vibration (in other words, makes us feel good), we can repeat the affirmation(s) throughout the day. This may be particularly helpful when we’re feeling down, tired, or just need a little more motivation or inspiration in our day.

We all want to create abundance and take our lives to the next level. Whether the desired result is for our health, wealth or happiness, as humans we are born to reach for more. Yet real change must start from within. Otherwise the change we seek will not last, and it will be quite difficult, if not impossible, to change our lives. That’s why affirmations are so beneficial. They are quick, free, and if we develop a daily, persistent habit with them, we have gained a lifelong tool we can use to create the lives we want!