The four letter word that is not censored but maybe should be…Fear. There, I wrote it. Fear. How has it impacted your life? What has it held you back from? Where might you be today if Fear did not stand in your way?  Let’s start with putting Fear in perspective. fear, not Fear. Why do we let it become so pronounced? So powerful? So invasive? So exclusive or is it inclusive?  There are many possibilities. Learned. Inherited. Situational.  Many have articulated, pontificated, embraced and renounced fear. I admit to all of the above (privately, until now…).  However, I decided to change my prism. Instead of slaying the dragon, I cancel out the noise and focus on how to win-win my own personal negotiation.   

Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner is Jacalyn Kerbeck, of sound mind and body. In the other corner is fear; obtuse, enveloping and overwhelming. Who will be the victor or is it the victorious?  I chose me and I hope you choose you. May you change your prism to focus your light to see yourself on the other side of fear. What might happen if you never… Where might you be if…  What does your life look like on the other side of fear? Change your prism and you just might find out. #notalonehashtag#getoutofyourownway #overcomingadversity