No matter how many times I stroll through my Tribeca neighborhood, I’m continually fascinated by the unique offerings and culture that contribute to the melting pot of New York City’s distinct identity. From the stunning architecture rich with history to the brick walls laden with the work of unbelievably talented graffiti artists, the city serves as a constant source of creativity in my quest to uncover innovative ways to lead and grow Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate (BHGRE). Finding inspiration to stimulate creativity is essential for spurring productivity and well-being, both professionally and personally. However, it is only the first step.

In my role, I am entrusted with spurring and safeguarding opportunities on behalf of an international network of brokers, owners, sales professionals and consumers. To do this, I look for inspiration that serves and resonates with that mission everywhere I go. From a design element to a particular color or service, it’s important to always look for unique ways to surprise and delight. Many times, this inspiration takes unexpected forms.

For example, while walking down the street one day, I came across a funky, eye-catching store that placed a bicycle with its company logo in their shopfront. The wheels started turning, so to speak. I snapped a photo, brought it back to our team and immediately began development on our own version of a branded bike.

Little did I know the impact that bike would have. Because it spoke to our unique voice, with the color, stickers and a basket full of vibrant colors that made it into a captivating piece of art, it quickly became the highlight of many discussions. The bicycle prompted conversations that invigorated my colleagues and wider network – a jolt of energy, enthusiasm and inspiration.

It can be easy to overlook these seemingly minor interactions without the proper mindset. However, by actively seeking inspiration in an uncommon way, we were able to create a captivating piece of art that captured our voice and quickly became the highlight of many discussions.

To take the effort further and broaden the sense of energy and well-being it prompted, I decided to auction this bike and others to raise money for charity. A donation of $6,000 for the bike would go to building a home for a family in an impoverished country. We started producing more and more bikes and selling them off to build a community of homes in El Salvador. As I was preparing for an event, I decided to ship a bike to the event location. Within five minutes of completing of my talk, a gentleman who was deeply moved by the cause decided to go above and beyond and give $7,000 to sponsor a family and start the construction of their new home in El Salvador.

It’s one thing to be inspired. But the true value of inspiration comes from the ability to bring the concepts to fruition and giving those in your network a tangible foundation on which to build.

To stay relevant, you must be constantly tuned-in to an ever-changing world – and inspiration is an essential driver of that evolution. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of our company this year, I often reflect on the reality that, far too often, companies burst onto the scene with a flashy new concept, only to disappear as quickly as they arrived. By constantly seeking purpose and inspiration in the unexpected, we can elicit continued success through increased productivity and enthusiasm about our professional work.

With keen eyes and an open mind, anything can be inspiration to your success both personally and professionally. In other words, always keep your head up and look for that next wonderful idea!