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In modern day 2019, the current trend, especially in the United States, is all about getting more awareness and exposure on either ourselves or our businesses. The digital age has given birth to a playground where everyone has a voice.

It almost seems like we live in a culture that is constantly screaming “Hey, look at me! Look at me!” It is this particular attitude that contributes to all the “noise” we Americans deal with on a regular basis as we walk through a normal day.

Everywhere we turn, we see billboards, tv commercials, phone notifications, email notifications, ads on park benches and buses, we hear radio ads, podcasting ads, and the list goes on and on.

This issue seems to have made human evolution so efficient at detecting forthcoming sales pitches that one would think we now have a sixth sense that is constantly waiting to set off an alarm.

People’s attention spans have drastically been reduced as well from around twelve seconds in 2000 to around eight seconds in 2018.

This is a huge cause for concern for those marketers or influencers who are constantly trying to get attention to promote their product or services.

Can we watch or listen to a single piece content without being advertised to? Is this realistic?

One man seems to think so. And he has set out on a mission to make sure his vision becomes a reality for those who crave a change in the current trend.

His name is Charlie Jabaley, and he has created an exclusive community called “Quantopia” aimed at bringing more freedom to its members.

Quantopia is a “digital speakeasy” of sorts where members can only join if they have the secret phone number and code word. This community thrives on offering advertisement free content in podcast format.

What is a speakeasy?

Back during prohibition days, speakeasies were escapes from the public prohibition laws which ran the country. People simply do not like to be told what they can and cannot consume.

Fast forward to the modern age, and this concept has gotten worse. Sure, there is no more prohibition against consuming alcoholic beverages. But now, we have artificial intelligence and algorithms controlling our access to the information we consume. Plus, we’re all greatly restricted on what we can say and cannot say, thanks to the political correctness movement.

Charlie, the original creator of the Quantopia podcast episodes, has recently removed all of his highly downloaded episodes from the public eye in order to preserve the content in a place where only those who are truly seeking his episodes can find them – advertisement and algorithm free.

By creating a community that is “off-the-grid” and “invisible” to the public eye, Quantopia is taking the opposite approach from the current modern trend aka the “look at me” approach mentioned earlier.

This concept has actually shown to get the Quantopia community more exposure through attempting to become less exposed.

How can this be?

People love exclusivity!

It makes them feel important and like they are apart of something that others cannot access. To Quantopia members, it brings forth a feeling of prestige in a sense.

It is marketing brilliance in an age where everyone is out to steal the microphone for their “15 minutes of fame”.

In response to these trends, there is a huge demand amongst people who want to have more freedom with the information they access and consume.

This demand affects virtually all industries, especially the music industry. Charlie, being a former music mogul, is someone who feels passionately about freedom of speech and expression.

If he hadn’t been allowed to implement innovative marketing concepts in his career, then he never would have become successful. For this reason, he feels so passionately about fighting against the regulations of censorship and information restriction.

With Quantopia, he is able to control the community vision, intention, purpose, content distribution, and do so without the distractions of other third parties.

So what is the overall purpose behind Quantopia – this digital speakeasy?

The purpose is to inspire the audience with new and innovative movements. The idea is to show people that it is okay to move in the opposite direction of everyone else in order to achieve success.

That is what Charlie did in music and in other areas like business, culture, and technology. For someone who was a former music mogul, his transition into athlete is certainly unprecedented. This only makes his story that much more interesting.

In podcasts within the Quantopia community, historic speakeasy traditions are used as a framework for delivering audio content. There are not any advertisements on the podcasts, nor are there any traditional advertising methods used to promote them.

Instead, Quantopia relies entirely on word of mouth advertising to drive awareness to the podcasts.

If someone wants to listen to the episodes, they won’t find them publicly advertised anywhere. The only way to listen to the podcasts is to be given secret access to them.

Someone who is associated with the podcasts must provide you with a secret code before you can become a new member and listen to them. This is like how you needed a secret code to gain access to a traditional speakeasy back in the day.

The goal is to grow the digital speakeasy podcast while keeping it “invisible” to the public eye. The community doesn’t want social media or search engine algorithms to exploit the podcast and attract a lot of bad attention.

By keeping the podcast discrete, it ensures that only like-minded people with the same thought process will listen to them. Then it becomes an entire community of people who support each other.

This is the future of building high quality relationships with others and leads the wave on how to stand out in an attention driven society – without even trying to.


  • Ryan White

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