Chase Rogers graduated with a degree in Kinesiology specializing in sports management. He later transitioned into the real estate field and is now a realtor & investor who was able to sell $20M+ in 2020 alone. In this article he shares some of his success habits & how to avoid stress.


“Starting off I was a 23 years old with no sales. It is uphill climb as selling a home is a persons #1 asset and I am competing against people that have been in the industry for 10+ years.”- Chase says. He mentioned that the biggest obstacle he faced was establishing credibility and getting people to trust him at such a young age.

Distress Tips 

Chase mentioned how taking a cold shower & working out in the morning gets your mind right to conquer the day.

“Understanding that this business can be a roller coaster and its important to develop

thick skin as there will be times things don’t go your way. This is not your standard job where you make X amount and have a 5% increase on salary till you hit a ceiling. Understanding it takes time to get off the ground and there is a “hockey stick” growth is the best way to visualize and stay patient.

Avoiding Stress 

Chase stated that even though it is a 24/7 business, it still allows him to make his own schedule, making it a very flexible job. Chase pointed out how he enjoys going away on vacations during less seasonal times as it helps give him a fresh start and have more motivation and courage once he’s ready to get back on his grind. Chase also likes to work out to help with any stress. 

Success Habits 

Learning the market inside out really helped out Chase, as well as attending broker tours and open houses. Chase also stated how It is also known that people like to casually talk about real estate socially. Which in that case, Chase believes having market knowledge and being able to converse on that topic increases your chances of getting chosen as someone’s agent.

Another successful habit chase enjoys doing is staying active on social media, like IG stories. He knows it helps people remember you, whether it is friend or business like, but Chase is confident that is the best ROI and there is no cost to it. 


  • Johnny Medina

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    Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who interviews successful Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who are willing to share their success tips & have overcome some challenging obstacles.