How often do we give ourselves the gift of celebrating our life journey? Not just the milestones and highlights. But taking the time to really dig in and look at where we’ve been, the lessons we’ve learned, and the people we truly are at our core.

What if we gave ourselves the gift of regular check ins and celebrations all throughout our life journey? Giving ourselves permission to celebrate who we are and the lives we are in, is something we can initiate any time we choose. We can journal it out, story it out in conversation with others, or just let it grow in the thoughts and words we give life to.

I’ve noticed when I check in and give myself compassion and love for where I’ve been, and a pat on the back for wherever I’m at – my perspective on life expands. Rejoicing in my life journey has helped awaken some of the best moments and memories that are still very much alive in my heart. These regular check ins help me grow the practice of seeing more of what I love and value about life.

Here are a few ways I remind myself to check in and rejoice in the many gifts and learning I’ve been blessed to receive. Try them out and see what happens when you initiate your own regular check ins to celebrate your life journey.

1. Be Open

Instead of resisting life, open your senses and breathe life in – every facet of it. Rather than labeling things as good or bad, see what happens when you open your arms and embrace all of the laughter, tears, sights, sounds and experiences that are included in your unique life journey.

It’s not just our highlight reel that is worthy of owning and celebrating, it’s all the moments woven together that create our unique paths. When we open our mind to the idea that the journey is what makes life so amazing, it becomes easier to remember all the reasons why it’s a gift to get to be here in the first place. That’s something worth celebrating.

2. Connect

Our interactions and connections with others gives us the space to express who we are in all of our humanness. It also gives us the most beautiful gift of experiencing the light and truth of who others are. This is something not to be taken for granted.

We never know when the opportunity to express and connect will no longer be an option. If this is something within our reach at the moment then seize it, own it and celebrate this gift right now. Reach out and celebrate the special people who have touched you on your life journey. Let them know in your unique way what an honor it is to be traveling through life with them, however that looks.

3. Be Amazed

Take some time to be amazed at the creator within you. We are all creators doing our best while carving our paths. In our creative endeavors, we somehow also manage to leave our unique imprint on the lives of others.

It’s amazing we can choose to shine our light in a way that helps brighten the path for people around us. The more we celebrate life as a gift and share this out, the more this kind of energy and joy spreads.

We are all powerful creators in the way we choose to show up each and every day – if that’s not awe-inspiring and worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.

Rather than barreling through life aimed at a target that’s in constant motion, give yourself the gift of regular check ins. Never lose sight of the exhilarating ride you’ve had thus far and the amazing person you are as a result. Rejoice in your life.


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