Chelsea Handler didn’t hold back about her love life (or her relationship status!) during her discussion with Arianna Huffington on episode 18 of the Thrive Global podcast, in partnership with iHeartRadio and Sleep Number. The outspoken multi-hyphenate admitted that while she is happily single, she’s done some serious soul-searching about the kind of partner she needs, and what a healthy relationship would look like for her.

When asked about her love life, Handler isn’t afraid to say that she’s still working on it. “I’m practicing to be in a regular, healthy, long-term adult relationship,” Handler told Huffington. “I thought I was smarter than everyone by staying out of an adult relationship. And then I was like, ‘Wait, no.’ Maybe there’s actually something about me that doesn’t want to be a part of that, and I should examine that.”

As for who she’s looking for, Handler says she’s seeking an equal partner—one who isn’t afraid to get real with her. “I need somebody who can put me in my place,” she confessed. “I want a man that can be like, ‘Listen, you’re out of line right now.’” As Huffington put it, she needs someone who can handle her “Chelsea Handler-ness.”

With a career that continues to skyrocket, and a newfound passion for creating change across America, Handler has a new goal for how she wants to approach her romantic journey. To hear her source of inspiration on iHeartRadio, click here.

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