There was a restaurant that did a good job, the guests were crowded and crowded. The owner of an old restaurant, who wants to retire, should call 3 directors.

The boss asked the first director: “Chicken first or eggs first?”

This person answered, “Chicken comes first.”

The owner continued to ask the second director: “Chicken first or eggs first?”

The second director replied, “Eggs came first.”

The boss continued to ask this question to the third director. The person who seriously said, “Customers who order eggs first will have eggs first, customers who order chicken first will have chickens first.”

The boss smiled, handing over the position of general manager to the third director.

The reason this person can win the other two is because his way of thinking is different from the crowd.

Of course, this is just a story, the boss wants to give his career to his successor, he must have carefully observed before, then made a decision to choose the most appropriate person.

But this story presents a message:

In fact, the difference in each person’s thinking will lead to different behaviors, and each step will lead to completely different lives, completely different destiny. In other words, the way of thinking will determine the destiny of man.

A monk once said: Seeing means having. A person who sees something will get it. Destiny is actually not decided by IQ or EQ but by the way the mind decides.

So, to change your own destiny, change your way of thinking.

In addition to accumulating knowledge and experience, the biggest difference lies in the different ways of thinking. Thinking is a natural gift given to everyone but the way of thinking is not, the way of thinking needs training and learning every day.