Children are not blind to the violence, abuse, murders, and other traumatizing events seen and heard in the news and the happening in their neighborhoods. Is there no more innocence for youngsters? Are they becoming immune and hardened to all of the shootings, kidnappings, rapes, and murders happening down the street or in the town next to theirs? Are they frightened by the wars and worldwide unrest that exist?

Protecting children from physical harm is a lot easier than protecting them from mental distress. How could parents know when their children are suffering from mental distress? Many children are not likely to discuss their fears and concerns about troubling issues unless adults probe by asking the tough questions. The overexposure to horrific events has to weigh in on young impressionable minds. The point is, most children’s minds are not resilient enough to not suffer from some kind of traumatic effect; some more severe than others, and too many times early childhood trauma does not take effect until adulthood. However, when ever human beings are subjected to the harsh realities which are implanted in minds at such an alarming rate, through the efficiency of modern technology, there has to be an adverse residual effect.

Unfortunately, disproportionate populations of black male children are being primed for absorbing a majority of violence in many aspects throughout society. Events such as the Trayvon Martin case could leave paralyzing long lasting scars on the minds of young black male children about their identity and worth in society.

Mentally perplexing problems for children could lead to a descending staircase affect of lowering self esteem in contrast to ascending emotional anxiety. The combination is reality altering, often for the long term, especially without treatment. And without proper psychiatric interventions, a result is self medication, elevating drug and alcohol abuse.

The problems are now beyond our communities and have evolved as yet another national crisis which will take more than a village to fix. It will take the nation. Washington, we have another problem.