Ah! The world of football is more than a game of entertainment, winning championships, having a good time. Now, that is all fine and dandy. However, there is another element to the industry. That’s the element of knowledge. Watching a football game means you learn the artistry of movement, and the navigation of space. Well, that’s if you are paying attention from the get go. Football is a microcosm in the rhythm nations. In the cultural, economic, and definitely the political realms. Now, for the NFL, it means taking players from the USA, and observing how they navigate in different terrains with the nation. Coming from different cities, rural sectors, and so forth, one begins to observe the cross adaptation of different environmental planes. How players from the USA connect with different locations, in the United States, while performing the game of football. That’s one level. So, what happens when we take that to an international realm. One organization to explore for that, is the China Arena Football League.

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China, in itself, is a nation of great wonder, and diversity; especially, when it comes to people, rhythm, culture, and landscapes. Which means there is great room to explore endless possibilities, relating to new knowledge production in the artistry of sports and movement.

Taking that very same concept, as it pertains to migrational movement of American (USA) football players, within the United States, how does it work when they come to China-interacting, and playing with Chinese players on their own turf? Its a fascinating concept to dwell on. I mean, just think about it. Foreign players entering into a different country, a different terrain, beat, and set of patterns. So, how does this impact the performance of players in the CAFL?

China’s rich her/history has a way of teaching us about space, time, rhythm, and balance. What’s fascinating about the very creation of a China Arena Football League is that it provides ample opportunity for the industry (and American and international football, as a whole) to explore these ancient principles of Chinese wisdom and knowledge, while implementing them into the sport. Just imagine the improvement, and heightened performance, of players, if they understood how balance, rhythm, fluidity, and beat could enhance their capabilities as athletes. What is it that fellow Chinese football players could teach their American (USA) colleagues? What if training season included the study of ancient Chinese philosophies, health, medicinal practices, and ways of movement meant that players would run faster, jump higher, throw farther? How would this alter, transform, and improve the very game, itself?

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Another intriguing prospect is how further exploration of ancient, Chinese philosophies on movement, harmony, and balance would drastically decrease injuries, and other health issues, which have impacted American (USA) football players? When the film, Concussion, came out, issues of football and health was again placed on the forefront. Is the game of football a dangerous sport? If so, what is being done to minimalize danger and its health risks?

Whether it has been discussed or not, the CAFL, is subconsciously bringing this to the platform. The very presence of a football league in China proposes this very question. Unless your mind is closed off, its impossible not to explore these options. Investigating China’s own wellness, and holistic care movements-in connection with the American (USA) ones– addresses the potential for the CAFL to bring its unique contribution to the world of American football.

Source: https://www.thebeijinger.com/blog/2017/07/04/no-hut-hut-fall-china-arena-football-league-delays-second-season-spring-2018)

Understanding how players connect to land,any land for that matter is. . .key. It allows us to comprehend (and heighten our sensory) that there are greater, and invisible, energy fields that humanity matriculates through. We do it every day. Whether we are aware of such fields is a different issue. Yet, what it does address is if we are moving with these fields, or against them. Is humanity (and especially Americans USA) getting sick, and facing health issues, because of artificial, energy patterns (and fields)? Now, keep in mind, this is just for the every day working people. We can only imagine the artificial extremities imposed on our athletes-which limits their true capabilities.

Studying different Chinese philosophies, martial arts, medicinal regiments, meditation philosophies, and doing so, while in China, would begin a new journey for the CAFL; concerning how they can improve the football performances of American and Chinese players. This, while also establishing a holistic wellness movement for players in the league. Furthermore, this special movement can also ignite similar evolutions and changes for the AFL, NFL, and others. Whose to say that it won’t trickle into other sports of the athletic world?


Lastly, a final factor is that of language. The structure and shape of a language creates its own picturesque view of balance, beat, and harmony. This greatly influences the rhythm and movement, as to how a people matriculate through Earthly domains. English and Chinese. What are their own particular patterns of balance? How do they intersect and complement each other? Translating this to football players in the CAFL, how can such be analyzed to observed how linguistic patterns are performed on the field? And, lastly, how can they be used to strengthen, complement, and link existing harmonies among their fellow, team mates?

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Its a lot to think about, isn’t it? And, that’s the beauty of it all. There is a wonder and excitement which erupts. The very thought of being able to enter into this invisible world, and bring it into fruition. Very exciting, indeed.

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With the CAFL season around the corner, we can only sit back and wonder about what lays ahead. New players, new coaches, and the unexpected. However, its worth the observation! Studying the sport, in order to create possibilities, is. . .worth it! Having a keen eye, while questioning what could be is, a massage of the mind. Until then, we shall wait, and see. Waiting on new possibilities in China, and seeing unlimited fruitions, with an American sport, in its domain.

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