she wanted freedom
so she chose it

do we live in a simulated reality, already?

we know post singularity, consciousness will be uploaded and generations of humans beyond may simply live in the SIM 

but at this time, is it possible we are already simulated

perhaps yes, maybe, much like it’s possible there is a God, or there is some higher intelligence designing life

or is it spirit, that infinite consciousness bathing our thoughts

it’s all possible

but how relevant are any of these deliberations to your life at this particular time

well, relevant – in so far as we understand CHOICE POINTS

at every turn of a moment – you can choose your experience

you are the designer of your sentience

if you do not feel this, or understand this, then you are still holding a victim frequency

blocking your inherent freedom

that can of course be neutralized, and this is in fact what most of the world of self-actualization, awakening and ascension is doing:

dissolving the victim

so in this designed simulation, you are given FREE WILL

you are presented with CHOICE POINTS at every moment of the game

you either react and get sucked into the worm hole of everyone else’s needs and expectations

aka chaos

or you consciously respond and deliberately design your next data bit, your next life moment

aka sovereignty, peace, integrity, wholeness

choice points

these are the ticket to our sovereignty in this simulation called life

whether designed by a God, or the higher hidden hand or some inter-dimensional intelligence or simply a bit program

no matter, irrelevant who the creator is

you’ve got free will, you’ve got choice points, babe

you’re good to go


So honored you are here with me. These shots of the LUCID, shots of BLISS are meant to be swift loving and empower you to live the full spectrum of the beautiful powerful blissDesigned woman you already are.

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