It’s hard to go anywhere, see anyone or read anything without hearing the words “in these unprecedented times.” How do you find happiness with so many constant reminders of fear and challenges in the world? You create it. Happiness should not be reserved for those days that are perfect. I’m not even sure such days exist. Happy people don’t have the best of things, they make the best of things, because happiness is a mindset. Allowing yourself to be happy in spite of all that is going in the world these days does not mean you are unaware or uncaring. It means you choose to find the good. To be happy, you need to make a decision to live a positive life and that begins with a positive mind. Worrying does not change anything but a healthy, optimistic mind can. When you choose to look at situations and your world from an optimistic angle, your world changes. Opportunities open. Friendships develop. You sleep better.

There is always a reason to be happy. Always. It is up to you to find it. Most of what people stress over now won’t even be remembered or relevant in a year. The Corona virus presented a lot of changes and challenges for many people. It also helped people evaluate priorities and better understand what is truly important to them. It brought out the charitable side of most. For many of us it was a time to focus on and remember what is most important- our family, our health and ourselves. It forced a new beginning career wise for some. Often people won’t initiate a change because there is comfort in the familiar, but change can be exciting if you allow it to be. Embrace it. Every day is full of potential and excitement. Happiness is the highest form of health. It is something everyone wants, probably now more than ever.