Fall will be here before you know it, and now is the time to consider what remains lacking in your wardrobe. Women often avoid sweaters because they believe this top doesn’t flatter their figure. Any woman will find she can wear a sweater if she chooses carefully. The following tips help to narrow the choices.

Body Shape

Body shape plays a role in which sweater best flatter a woman. If you are unsure of your body shape, start by obtaining this information. Once that step has been completed, use the following tips to find a sweater that makes you look and feel great.

Small-Chested Women

Women with a small bustline need to elongate the neckline, and a deep v-neck sweater works perfectly for accomplishing this goal. A silk scarf tied around the neck provides an elegant touch to the outfit, or select other accessories that complete the outfit. You can find more at Filly Flair.

A Large Bust

Women with a large bust typically avoid turtlenecks. An open scoop neck top works best for these females, or consider laying a button down with a thin sweater for a chic look perfect for the workplace. Complete the look with an a-line skirt and show off a trim waist when doing so.

Broad Shoulders

Women with broad shoulders want to de-emphasize this feature. Loose cut tops accomplish that goal. However, choose tops that drape for the best look.

Petite Women

Petite women often assume that can’t wear a sweater because it would swamp them. Oversized knits will do so, but short ladies find they get away with wearing a chunky sweater that ends at the hips. This makes the legs look longer. Heavy-set women must take care, however, because a sweater than ends right above the hips adds thickness, and no woman wants this. Look for a sweater that falls mid-hip or ends below the hips, as this elongates the figure. A crew neck sweater paired with a choker draws attention to the face, and women should consider investing in this style.

Tall Women

Tall females find they can wear any sweater with ease. A cowl neck that drapes allows the woman to show off her figure. Pair this style with a long pendant necklace for a polished look others will envy. Women who are tall also find turtlenecks complement their figure, so purchase one or more of these tops for everyday wear.

Apple-Shaped Women

Women who carry more weight around their middle have an apple-shaped figure. Emphasize the waist while creating an hourglass shape by combining a belt with a pretty sweater, or the same sweater may remain open to create a vertical line that slims the figure. Others, however, choose to wear a button-down blouse and top it with a longer cardigan. Add layered necklaces and lengthen the figure while achieving an elegant look.

Pear-Shaped Women

A pear-shaped woman must balance the upper part of the body and the lower. Sweaters with a boat neckline, a large cowl neck, a sweetheart neck, or a deep v-neck works great for this purpose. The horizontal line created by the boat neck broadens the narrow shoulders so they appear more proportional to the wide hips. When wearing a v-neck, remember the deeper the diagonal of the neckline, the more slimming the sweater will be. Eye-catching prints look great on women with this body shape and pair nicely with a statement necklace.


Any woman can wear a poncho with ease. The dramatic flair provided by this sweater works for most body types. Pear-shaped women want to choose a poncho with a larger neckline, while an apple-shaped woman benefits from a belted poncho.

Additional Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing a Sweater

Body shapes serves as only one of several things to consider when choosing a sweater. The more a woman understands about what flatters her figure, the easier the selection process becomes. Take into account the following when purchasing any sweater.


Women need to try a sweater on to see if it clings to the body. Any female with a protruding stomach might wish to avoid a sweater that hugs the body. A draped style looks better on women with a stomach they wish to hide.


The undergarments a woman chooses affect how the sweater rests on her body. Wear a smooth bra to avoid any unsightly bumps or bulges or wear a light or thin layer under the knits. For instance, puff sleeves don’t work with a cardigan with slim arms. A light, sleeveless piece works better in this situation.

Find the Proper Fit

Sweaters shouldn’t be used to hide figure flaws. Women need to find a sweater that fits properly while considering what they will pair the top with. For instance, choose either an oversized sweater with slim-fitting pants or a close-fitting sweater with oversized pants. A large sweater worn with a skinny jean or pencil skirt helps to elongate the figure.

Mix and Match Fabrics

Ladies often hesitate to mix and match fabrics and miss out on some impressive looks. Try pairing a heavy sweater with silk pants or a skirt, or take a crewneck or turtleneck sweater and see how it looks with your favorite lace skirt. Doing so allows you to wear summer pieces longer.


Cotton doesn’t hold its shape as well as a silk sweater. Delicate knits sag before their tightly knit siblings, and cashmere offers the most warmth while draping beautifully. Women find they don’t itch when wearing this material either. Nevertheless, the price of cashmere remains out of reach of many women, so look for sweaters made with a cashmere/wool or cashmere/silk blend. Fold sweaters when putting them away, as this minimizes wrinkles and reduces the stress on the fibers of the sweater.

Sweaters greatly add to a person’s wardrobe. The versatile tops may be worn in a variety of ways and keep the wearer warm and comfortable. Try different sweater styles to find those you love and purchase a few before fall arrives. You won’t regret doing so when you see how great you look.