How long will we keep our mouth tightly shut?
How long will we think of everyone else before us?
How long will we put ourselves second and not first?
How long will we do what’s been told without a fuss?

How long will we keep ourselves so safe 'n protected?
Guarded from our own longings, desires 'n dreams
When will we have the courage to say it out loud?
Unaffected even if to some it may sound like a scream

How long will it be to do whatever it takes?
How long will we wait to get another's permission?
To soar in the skies or to dive deep into the seas
To be unapologetic about our own life’s mission

Why this shame and guilt, the burden we carry?
Why this blame, anger, sorrow and tear?
Rushing to ensure not to disappoint anyone
Why to live our lives trembling with fear?

Wanting to please everyone but ourselves
Wanting to be selfless, giving and noble
That’s how a good woman should be
Who said that which has made us all immobile?

This is the time to wake up
From the dreams of expectations
This is the time to do something
For every woman in every nation

We have to listen to our hearts
And seek no permission to dream
We have strength and the courage
To change the flow of the stream

Mother, sister, daughter and a wife
These are roles to take and that is alright
But these are not all that define us
We have to find our own passion and delight

Leaving behind all the assumptions and beliefs
Taking pride to express what’s in our heart
For it represents all the women of today and the past
Can we choose to challenge and have a fresh start?