Life as we knew it changed dramatically in a matter of weeks as the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the health of thousands, along with the health of the economy. Now, trapped in our homes — and many without a way to pay their rent — the mental toll on people is another symptom of the pandemic’s fallout.

As we abide by the health restrictions in place to curb the virus, it’s also important that we restrict the negativity and despair that may be seeping into our minds and wrecking havoc on our mental outlook. Along with the hand washing and social distancing requirements for our physical health, we need to safeguard our mental health by directing our energy toward the positive.

Consider this: scientists in the field of quantum mechanics have discovered that nothing is solid, but rather, everything is in fact energy. And, the energy that we give off from the feelings that our thoughts generate may affect our reality more than we ever knew.

For example, notice how on days when we’re feeling great both physically and emotionally, everything goes well. On the contrary, when we feel like we’ve “woken up on the wrong side of the bed,” everything in the day goes badly. This isn’t an illusion — it’s our energy, vibration, and the frequency we’re tuning into that are creating this reality.

Our thoughts create feelings that are like magnets drawing to us whatever we’re sending out from an energy perspective. That’s why, instead of fixating on all the negative ramifications from the pandemic, we must get out of our heads and into our energy — from our mind to our mood — to harness the power within us to create a more positive outlook. It’s not about what our head is saying. It’s all about our energy.

Another way to look at this phenomenon is that negative thoughts often create negative feelings that are considered low-vibration energies, and positive thoughts have the potential to create uplifted feelings that are high-vibration energies. If we start the day by turning on the news and hearing about rising death tolls and economic crisis, our thoughts about how we as individuals and the world at large can survive these times constrict our energy. If we let the cloud of negativity hover over us, everything else during the day reflects back our constricted energy. Good things can’t flow to us when our energy field is tight.

It may seem there’s nothing positive about the state of the world that could allow us to recalibrate our negativity. But that’s not so. Attitude is everything, and even those who are ailing or are out of work can find a way to move beyond the pessimism. If what we’re thinking about doesn’t feel good, we either need to find something to appreciate about the circumstances or think about something else that feels better.

Positivity can happen when we become energetically aware, and can learn how to identify harmful energies and move them out.

To generate positive energy during this time of the pandemic, resolve to adopt these habits:

  1. Practice gratitude and appreciation.When you deliberately take the time to be grateful for all of the wonderful things in your life now, both large and small, you’re immediately taken to a series of positive feelings that crowd out other low-vibration energies. Write in a gratitude journal each evening before bed. When you do something that takes you to a positive place before you go to sleep, you’ll wake up in a positive place.
  2. Frame goals so that you can visualize their attainment.Your goals should inspire you. But if, for example, your goal is to become a millionaire, yet you don’t believe the goal is obtainable and it makes you feel uncomfortable, find aspects with which you can readily identify. Tell yourself, “I have the potential to do great work,” or “I can feel improvements happening because of my positive intentions.” Try stepping up the rungs a ladder toward your goal slowly with thoughts that feel comfortable from the outset.
  3. Sleep well.You can’t climb the ladder from low-vibration feelings and energies to high-vibration ones if you’re exhausted. 
Sleep is the first and most important part of feeling great both physically and emotionally.
  4. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy, naturally raised foods.The cells of your brain and body are at least 70 percent water. It’s far more difficult to feel great both physically and emotionally when you are dehydrated. And, when you nourish your body with high-vibe foods grown the way Mother Nature intended, you build the foundation for a high-vibe life.
  5. Get outside in nature.This allows the negative ions, which are positive for you, to bring you to a positive, stress-free place. Gardening is a great way to work outside in the sunshine and breathe fresh air.
  6. Laugh, play and smile often.Have more fun and lighten up about everything. When you learn to have fun even with mundane or challenging tasks, you feel better and get a better result. Laughing and smiling actually release feel-good chemicals to your brain.
  7. Listen to music, sing and dance.Moving your body to music that you enjoy has been found to eliminate trauma, and singing uplifts your spirit.
  8. Pray or meditate.These practices can bring you peace, and when you’re at peace, you stop thoughts of struggle. Peace is one of the highest vibration energies. Consider a daily practice that cultivates peace.
  9. Express love often.Let others know the love and appreciation you feel for them. Communicate from the heart. Express self-love as well by doing something wonderful for yourself each day.
  10. Listen to your intuition.Learn to tap into your inner guidance and trust that the inner you will lead you to positive places and more fun.

When we begin to realize that we’re vibrating at a certain level or frequency based not just on the thoughts we’re choosing but how they make us feel, we have incredible control over our reality. We become empowered, and are no longer a victim of circumstances.

**Originally published at Conscious Life News