Traveling solo is good for the mind, but Traveling together is good for the heart. The simple fact of being together, feeling the presence of someone around you makes you feel part of the human family, willing to debate, share stories and go somewhere (physically and geographically moving to a place together).

Madagascar 2019

The simple act of moving – I especially love the French verb “bouger” – to move- makes you closer to Earth and to the fact that it is moving as well, and we are part of it!

My top reasons for the Choice of Traveling Together (I would create the acronym and hashtag #CTT) are:

1.Sense of Action and Sharing: Traveling and Listening to your peers while moving creates a special melodic movement of sounds, different from the simple fact of being still listening to someone in a place that you are familiar with, or to a song while you are under the roof of your home. I always think of songs: if you are listening to “Celebrations” by Kool & The Gang while looking up at your ceiling is very different from singing out-loud in the car with company!

2.Forget your worries and discover Different Ways of Living: I am mesmerized by the mixes, recipes and responses to life that people give: no one has the perfect reply, it is always about trying, making the mistake, adjusting the response and trying again.

3.Create a Space for Imagination and New Ideas: By sharing, spending time together, debating again and again, moving towards the same places during a journey – all of this creates Unity (that of course is temporary) but does not make you feel alone in the journey of life. Humanity is All we are. We have millions of potential possibilities in the One Life we have. Handle Life (and Health) with Care, but Try and Experience, Live the Dream of your Existence, by breathing and observing life everyday: there are many beautiful things and people around you!

Madagascar 2019

4. Adapt and Move Forward with your Dreams: Traveling makes you flexible, patient and empathetic. It makes you do things you could not think possible, it makes you try and have the curiosity of asking about different points of view, cultural habits and historic clues: in one word, it opens your mind to new horizons, new YES lives, new ways of approaching lives and events, and how to respond to them – what to do, how to prioritize, what to choose, how to do things in a certain situation.

5. Collect your thoughts in a journal, digest and Trust your next moves: Life is short and intense sometimes. You can easily get carried away and – at the end– end up not choosing: To make thoughtful choices, I find it particularly healthy to sit down on the sun, with my book, and write (and draw) things down. What I learned, How I can do things differently, or simply, Make an effort to ask to myself different questions, so that I can respond differently. And hopefully, Better.

Traveling – for work or pleasure, it is always the experience of our lifetime- to feel the inter-connectivity of human beings in the jigsaw puzzle of our existence!