Why is there this preconceived notion that when you “choose you” that you’re being selfish?

This bubbled up today during a clubhouse conversation which made me take pause and think about it more deeply.

When you “choose you”, you’re not saying you don’t care about others or that you’re putting yourself first before anything else.

What you ARE saying is that you have enough self-love to focus on what matters to you and leverage your sense of intuition and discernment.

Choosing you means your/you’re

. . . self-worth is attached to your BE-ing, not Do-ing

. . . setting the standards in your life and for your life

. . . focusing on your happiness and navigating towards what fills your cup up

. . . . trusting yourself/your gut when making decisions

. . . tuning into your body and your feelings, because your soul never lies

And all this allows you to be filled up and energized so that you can be in service to others. What do they say about putting your oxygen mask on first?

Societal norms have programmed us and jaded us, to believe that “choosing you” is selfish. If it ultimately allows you to be the best version of yourself to be service to others, isn’t that the ultimate selfless act?

Choose you.

Create a life that works best for you.

Define your own rules. Create your boundaries. Be the boundary.

Know you are enough. When the world says no, you’re the one saying yes. You are more than enough.

Choose you. Amplify your brilliance and dream Louder!