In today’s world where everyone is hyper-focused on achieving a measure of success, people often neglect the importance of having a distinctive mindset. The road to achieving one’s goal all begins in the mind, and because of this, the importance of possessing the right mindset is one that should be talked about more.

In this article, Chris Sarchet Bell speaks on developing a distinctive mindset and achieving growth.


As an entrepreneur, the most important target you should hope to meet is solving social problems. This is an essential mindset to have because people will see value in you and your brand will become automatically accepted. When building your startups, your passion must align with solving the difficulties that people face in society, irrespective of how massive or little they are. Chris Sarchet Bell took this into consideration when he kicked off his business journey. He is passionate about kids having fun and he provided means for actualizing this in a way that satisfies parental rules and social regulations, thereby achieving a win-win situation for all. Chris explains further below:

“Kids always want to have fun and express themselves. I decided to educate them that they do not have to get intoxicated to do this, and I created an avenue for this to happen seamlessly. When I started out, I noticed that the younger market was neglected from the nightlife scene. So I targeted this and was able to get the interest from a younger and vibrant audience.”


In addition, a significant mindset that entrepreneurs must have is to offer value in anything that they do. No matter how talented you are or how creative your ideas may be, they must have a positive impact on others. This feature will generate huge support from those around you because you have shown something special, they recognize this and will result in high demand for you and your brand. 


This might seem over-flogged, but you must possess the dogged mindset and never say die attitude as a growing entrepreneur because you can never determine when your chance will come. Also, it is often said consistent practise makes perfection. When you constantly apply your skills to the creative ideas you developed, it will become a masterpiece before you realize it. Chris Sarchet Bell portrays this attitude at all times. He said:

“I never give up. It took me four years of business before I made a penny. No matter what hurdles have been thrown at me over the last six years, I always get back up and keep going. It suffices to say that this determination is exactly why I am where I am today.”

External growth only comes when the internal attitude has been wired towards making progress. It is essential for all aspiring entrepreneurs to take a cue from successful brand builders like Chris Sarchet Bell because these unique features are important for expansion and all-around development.