The rise of social media in first world society has sharply impacted the way we view employment and the flow of our economy. With the newly created channel of online influencers, billions of dollars have been moved around through partnerships and payouts from platforms like Instagram itself. Big brand corporations have been able to use this new market to their advantage by bringing influencer ambassadors onto their teams in order to create more revenue through popular advertisements. Anything from sportswear brands like Adidas all the way to high-end labels such as Gucci has capitalized on this new space. And as a result, the fashion industry as a whole has become less defined and more malleable. A new generation of fashion influencers and icons are dominating as they defy the standards once set entirely by the runway. 

One influencer, Chrisa Pappas, has entered this arena with a unique perspective. With a following on Instagram over 150,000 strong, her rise to the top has been defined by a refreshing mix of authenticity, credibility, and natural charisma. A Sacramento resident and mother of two, she wasn’t always a local celebrity or wide-reaching fashionista. In fact, she actually has a degree in architecture from Boston University; but in poetic fashion, her natural eye for structural design translated to a passion for high-end luxury clothing design. 

Chrisa shared with us two of the most important things for finding success in her industry.

Bridging the Gap and Authenticity

The first thing that makes Pappas stand out in a crowd of fashion bloggers and influencers is her ability to relate to her clients and followers. While she may live a comfortable life, she has been able to bridge the gap between her celebrity-like sphere of influence and her fans who can identify with her role as a mother and up and coming entrepreneur. On her pages, you can find her sharing not only the solo shots that show off her impressive taste but also cute flicks from home life and vacations with her two children and husband. She offers advice to her clients through her Instagram, YouTube, personal website, and more, and has a down to earth personality that keeps her brand authentic while still eye-catching. 

Credibility through Tangible Work

And while Chrisa can connect with the average consumer, she still boasts high profile connections that boost her credibility and make her anything but average. Working with and wearing outfits from some of the biggest luxury brands in the international arena, she has made appearances at events from Paris Fashion Week all the way to the Cannes Film Festival. She curates trunk shows, organizes shopping events, and pairs her own style with some of the most famous labels in existence. Watch Chrisa dazzle as she walks the streets of New York City, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, and more in Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Fendi clothing. 

Chrisa’s unassuming smile, candid attitude, and confident posts make her come across as friendly but qualified. Her natural intelligence and obvious investment in the industry will win you over in an instant, so it’s not a surprise that she is such a popular influencer. 

And as the influencer economy and the contemporary era of fashion continues to ebb and flow, one woman will beat the sporadic waves of high and lows: Chrisa Pappas. If the fashion industry is a kingdom, Pappas is the queen, and by following her example, you can be too.