The hair care industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the beauty world. According to Grand View Research, the market is anticipated to have a profit of $211.1 billion dollars, by the year 2025. One would think that such makes conversations on hair loss more comfortable. Yes?? Well, such is not always the case. It’s evident that hair loss is a silent topic for millions of people across the United States Of America. And yet, so many individuals (especially women) suffer from this natural problem.

Recently, it is estimated that around 50% of women suffer from hair loss. The issue is more common than what one may expect. One of the most powerful ways to open dialogue for the masses of people is to demonstrate how even hair loss affects the lives of the rich and famous. One particular dame, who has made it her mission to highlight her personal testimony for hair loss and postpartum struggles, is none other than singer, dancer, actress, brand ambassador, wife, and mother. . .

Christina Milian

Sometimes, all it takes is a familiar, and pretty face to break the ice. With Christina Milian, she is far from camera shine, in addressing her personal story on her hair loss scare; experiencing it during her postpartum stages, while, managing the proper solutions in retrieving it back. Returning to a period of birthing, memory lane, Christina Milian began to notice the falling out and thinning of her hair; approximately 3-6 months, during her postpartum period. Currently, she has not experienced hair loss with her son, Kenna. Yet, she is at a particular point, where she takes a break for 3-4 months.

“It’s so overwhelming, on top of having a newborn at home, which is stressful, and all of the hormones that come with postpartum; dealing with the emotional impact of thinning hair. It really takes a toll on your confidence. I want to share my story because I know there are many other women going through this, that may not realize how common this is and that there are ways to treat it, effectively!”

Christina Milian

Of course, proper hair treatment and care requires more than the use of hair products. Being active in the entertainment industry requires patience, organization, hardwork, and diligence. Add on the roles of wife and mother and you have a heavier load to manage. Going through the birth process, alone, is more than enough to make your hair fall out.

“Postpartum hair loss is our bodies response to the physiological and emotional stress of giving birth. Our hair typically goes through a growth and shedding cycle, but after you have a baby the hair shedding phase, out-paces the growing phase, so we experience excessive hair shedding.”

Dr. Mona Gohara

Then, of course, there is also the time-consuming management of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. How does that work? What does that consist of? It is apparent that living in a fast-paced society, very few people truly comprehend what that means. What does healthy look like? What is the very process in achieving a healthy state of mind? Surely, there are other women, who have asked this very question.

“In addition to the products, I’m also exercising. A healthy body means a healthy mind! I love to run on the treadmill and outside. I also like to walk with my daughter Violet. It’s bonding time for us and good exercise.”

Christina Milian

In addition to exercise, there are other remedies, which assists in a holistic lifestyle! Proper eating, maintaining the right vitamin, intake, and other factors also plays their role, in treating (and managing) hair loss and thinning!

“Using the right products to help treat is key. Knowing that you are not alone, going to the doctor to try and find solutions is critical. Keeping a healthy lifestyle, postpartum, is easier said than done with a newborn at home, but nourishing your body, by eating foods rich in protein, biotin, vitamins, and getting enough sleep (and exercise) are crucial in the long run to treat your hair loss, from the inside and outside.”

Dr. Mona Gohara

One of the other factors, that people seem to forget is how hair loss has the power to negatively impact someone’s self-esteem. Going through the different hormones, which comes with a pregnancy, ensures that soon-to-be mothers go through withdrawal and self-doubt. Am I pretty enough? Am I woman enough? Do I look attractive for my significant other? Will I bounce back from this? Such are the questions when it comes to women and the postpartum phase.

“After having Violet, I was trying to navigate having a newborn and dealing with all of the physical changes my body was going through at the same time. Postpartum hair loss definitely effected my self-esteem. So, I’m glad I’m getting ahead of it. . .”

Christina Milian

As we move towards eradicating any taboo, associated with the very conversation of hair loss, there are other misconceptions needing to be addressed. One of those relates to stigmas surrounding hair loss and age. According to Dr. Mona Gohara, hair loss is not solely directed to a particular age group. “Most recently, I have seen clients of all ages as hair loss, due to COVID-19.” Lastly, as previously stated, it’s imperative to know that managing hair loss, and hair restoration, requires more than the simple use of products. Remember, a healthy lifestyle, matched with efficient, hair care products is sure to establish the best results.

Losing one’s hair is one of the most scary experiences for any woman. Nevertheless, it’s also imperative to know that she is never, alone. At the end of the day, one problem has more than one solution. Should an individual not know where to turn to, there is always the simple solution of asking.

Lauren Clark: When a woman begins to lose her hair, what is the most effective statement you would say to her in 10 words or less?

Don’t be scared. Ask for help!

Dr. Mona Gohara

Well, now that we have matched a pretty face (and name) to one of the multiple problems, with hair. It’s safe to say that a taboo subject, transforms into a regular conversation. There is the beauty world. There is the common world. Hair intertwines the two! We lose hair. It grows back. There is nothing new under the rainbow! So, color your hair, away! Let it re-grow, for a later, rainy day!

Note: This interview (and talk) was partly arranged by NIOXIN!


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