I knew something needed to change when I was feeling sluggish all the time. My kids and I would go walking and they were like, “Mommy, you shouldn’t be feeling out of breath walking a short distance.” So that’s when I figured I needed to do something.

“I’m staying away from soda and trying to eat more vegetables.”

Since starting the Thrive Challenge, I’ve lost 25 pounds and I’m trying to get to under 200. I tend to linger around 205 pounds, and it’s hard for me to lose the rest but I’m working on it. I’m staying away from soda and trying to eat more vegetables. I like carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, and brussels sprouts. I have a great tip for cooking brussels sprouts that come in the microwaveable bags: Once you take them out of the bag, put them in a pan with a little bit of spray oil, salt, and pepper. Frying them with the spray or with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil makes them taste way better. You can add a little bit of onion or garlic powder too, depending on what your preferred taste is. 

“I’m feeling better and I’ve lost weight.”

I’m trying to get more into fitness. Right now, I mainly move around at work. I’m at the front, at the customer post, so we have to sanitize the carts often. I push the carts and try to roll each cart out to each customer, and move back and forth so I’m not just standing in one spot. And I’ll go out and get the electric carts out in the parking lot, and help bring the carts in when we get low on them. I also try to park farther away in the parking lot when I go in to work. These small Better Choices are making me feel better right now. Hopefully I can improve and become motivated to do even more, but so far I’m feeling better and I’ve lost weight. 

“When I go to work, I don’t feel sluggish and tired.”

I’m getting more sleep now, too. I come home from work, I cook, and then I watch a little bit of T.V. and relax. Then, my phone goes off and lets me know it’s time to go to bed. I brush my teeth, wash my face, and then just go to bed. I have more energy now that I’m sleeping more. When I go to work, I don’t feel sluggish and tired. I used to be really sleepy driving down the road. That’s when I knew that something was up, too. I don’t have that problem anymore. We drove to Maine recently from North Carolina. I can drive four hours straight without a problem now.

To anyone who’s just getting started, make sure to set small goals. Don’t try to do your big goal right away. Eventually you’ll have the big goal, but achieve your smaller goals first and then you can set another one.

Christy Adams, Washington, N.C.; $5K Winner

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