Midnight! It’s just one of those times of, staying up, to hear. Midnight is love! In this region of the world, another day has started, while a previous one has ended. Midnight is part of that mood! It’s like one of those subtle transitions of moving in, and moving out. Moving in and moving out! Such a passion for experiencing the past and the present, simultaneously.

Of course, time moves in the way of the circle! There are no ways of getting around that. Moving in. Moving out. It’s cyclical form of healing grants us the serenity for understanding how we should be moving. Of course, you have to experience such wonders, during the course of midnight-when others are sleeping. That’s one of the best times to understand the context of time. Afterall, you need stillness, in order to understand the treasures of time. Stillness of the mouth. Stillness of the mind.

When getting our bodies, back in alliance with time, it’s important (and vital) to be guided by the arts. Oh, yes. The healing arts. The creative arts. And, the musical arts! Oh! What a precious site of memory! The latter has its own, Heaven-like aura of moving us into the natural timing we should be living by. It may be fast. It may be slow. Regardless, of that matter, it is a window into, a more healthier version, of time!

If you want to experience such greatness, stay up into the course of midnight! It always has its right time; its right moments, for a comforting meditation into a healthier mindset.

So now, we are back into the world of Jazz music! Another perfume (and scent) of Black America’s gardens. Yes. It truly is. Furthermore, it goes to state just how beautiful and poetic, they truly are. For, they move to grant our people-Black American people-that we created ways to soothe our minds, bodies, and Souls, in the midst of turmoil. We were truly masterful in this regard, indeed.

There are those, who were born from afar. They share the coloring, and are distant kin of Black American people. Migrating from nations of the Caribbean, a number of them immersed with Black American people; our culture and music, too! Jazz was one of the Blacl American, musical domains, that members from Caribbean nations have come into. Hearing the sounds of this peculiar people, they took a liking to this musical painting. ? They composed and ? performed in its rhythm. It is the sound of a people, who used Blackened footsteps, within the United States of America, in order to continue their existence; using creativity, as their vital tool!

So, here we are; in the comfort of midnight’s dressing. We are here in the oneness of a particular hue. The traces of mental reflections are Divine; wouldn’t you agree? Around. Around. Around comes love. Where we are going? Only the Creator, knows! Around. Around. Around, we go!

This sound is entitled, “Round Midnight.” Could it be that the very purpose of midnight is staying up in order to re-align with the cycle? Perhaps. That’s a pleasure, for sure. Then again, there is also a way of re-entering into a greater state of one’s Being. It is one, which is void of chaos; a more holistic approach, if you could imagine!

As you hear the song, “Round Midnight,” one is sure to envision the fingers of a late, and legendary Trinidadian-American musician, simply floating through the keys. Yes. One is bound to hear it.

Fingers floating, like rhythmic circles; dancing in one’s ear! Can you imagine each note, causing a midnight star ?to glitter and flicker? Can you imagine that? Sure. It feels grand. Of course, it feels beautiful. Who else would not experience such a soothing delight, in the course of, midnight? Oh, how smooth in closing one’s eyes, while experiencing one’s fingers, flow! It’s beautiful! It’s Heaven. It’s a rounding of the Circle, in every way, that one can possibly, imagine!

Gliding across the piano keys, only to experience, elegant circles of midnight’s tranquil, sleep!

Hazel Scott