It won’t be unfair to quote Europe as the most eye pleasant continent of them all that exists. The continent attracts millions and millions of tourists towards its beautiful cities every year, irrespective of the seasons.

The continent leaves its tourists awestruck with its jaw-dropping scenic views, historically rich heritage, Culinary melange and diversified artists. The continent witnesses an increase in the number of travelers annually. The widely famous tourist spot has a varied choice of natural and environmental beauty for all its sightseers in its absolute raw and grounded form.

1. Rome

Rome, the birthplace of Ceaser and the capital of Italy, is the most visited city of Europe. Showcasing its beauty via all the historical attractions of more than 2500 years, Rome is a treat to eyes and a scenic satisfaction to experience.

Visiting there comes along with your travel guide for Rome. Allured with venues like Vatican City, Vatican Museum, St. Peter’s Basilica, Palatine Hill and many more, Rome is said to be formed in 753 BC while the locals are supposed to be settled even much earlier as per the archeological studies.

2. Prague

Also known as the Czech Republic, Prague is no lesser than any other in Europe. Fully-equipped by the Gothic finesse, Renaissance architecture, world-class museum’s, byzantine elegant churches and bridges, the city is divided by the Vltava River.

The city offers an exploration of the medieval thoroughfares under the sunshine and meandering around the riverside at dawn. Just in case you get tired because of wandering through the streets, you can just relax have some Czech cuisine and any of the best lagers in the world.

Besides being an explorer, the city offers you to be gamer with a lot of variety in gaming alongside some jazz music, puppet shows, and many other entertaining hookups.

3. Amsterdam

If you have that studios bug inside you, Amsterdam would be the perfect go-to holiday in Europe for you. The capital of the reign of the Netherland is the most popular destination among the travelers in Europe.

Flooded with academies and research institutions and universities, the city offers an expedition of more than 40 museums along with those countless theatres and other amusement places. It is the country’s foremost cultural center for a reason.

Also known for its historical data, the city has some of the most historic preservation in its entirety. The Jewish Historical monument, The Museum of the Tropics and The West Church are a few among the many others which display the rich historicity of the city.

4. London

How can you talk about Europe, and not think of London? A dream for many, the city is the most frequently visited amongst all the others of Europe. Britain’s capital, the city is one of the world’s top tourist attractions.

The city had more than 15 million visitors per year. A vibrant and dreamy center of entertainment and art, the city offers the globe’s greatest concentrations of cultural heritage. From the people’s parliament to royal palaces, the city has every bit of nature’s creation in it’s most ecstatic form.

You can enjoy a giant Ferris wheel for all those breathtaking and relief views. Museum and Churches are just are a topping on your platter of holidaying in London. Perks of being there are incredibly increased when you come to know that many of the popular places to enjoy and visit are free.

5. Venice

In this city of water or the city of bridges, the best way to explore and experience Venice’s glorified tourism is to simply wander around the enchanting and mesmerizing lanes of the city. At every other turn, you will find something or the other to get imprinted in your memories forever.

 In fact, it would be impossible for you to not capture them into a photograph. Two of the most important landmarks of the city is Piazza San Marco and the Grand Canal which are the easiest to find in the city, no matter wherever your expedition takes you.

6. Budapest

Also known as the “Paris of the East”, Budapest is home to those innumerable UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This shimmering capital of Hungary came into existence in 1872. Since prehistory, the city is famous for the use of thermal springs in the therapeutic cause.

Mounted at the River Danube, the city has its famous views embellished with impressive architecture and vital reminders of 20th-century history. The city is also rich in its vivacious cultural and entertaining shows, basked with street rockers and classical concerts in those peaceful churches.

Europe is a hub of rich cultural heritage. The continent once witnessed the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece. From the birthed the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution Europe has it all for its addressees.

Numerous kingdoms, republics, and empire went away leaving the continent with various archaeological sites, old town alleria and grand cathedrals on the planet for the coming generations to explore. The continent has some of the most romantic destinations for all the lovers around the world to make their lives memorable just by a single visit.