There’s no event, no buzz, no hype. There’s just Elizabeth Street Garden. Tucked in the epicenter of locals, tourists and bloggers alike, sandwiched in between Spring and Prince on… Elizabeth Street. Is it an old cemetery? An abandoned lot? Seemingly made from the remnants of found objects, that’s not my question to answer. It is not what the garden is, but what it gives.

A sanctuary among the masses of SoHo. Immediately upon entry my shoulders relax – much like entering savasana. Is it the presence of green? Or is it the seemingly random placement of objects? No matter, the uptight city behind you, there’s nothing but calm and peace expected in this space.

But there are people, there is noise. This isn’t void of the city – plants backdropped by urbanity – the garden doesn’t hide itself. It embraces its situation. A lot not given to developers, but a lot given to the people. This space negates the pressures that lie outside its gates.

Elizabeth Street Garden curates a space where un-curated actions take place.

All images provided by Nicole Stankus


  • Nicole Stankus

    Designer | Writer | Urbanist

    Nicole's desire to expand and improve on the way people interact with one another and the city in which they live led her to study architecture during university. Seeing the world passionately and always seeking moments of urban ecstasy, Nicole aims to create better spaces for people across all realms of design.