I hear on a daily basis that lack of clarity is causing women frustration and anxiety. It’s stopping them from taking action, it’s making them feel that they are not good enough and it’s bursting their bubble of dreams that they have for their business and life.

But that’s not the end of it. Lack of clarity is costing you so much more than forward momentum.

Lack of clarity is a Time Vampire

You’ve heard of energy vampire’s right? Those people whose energy sucks the life right out of you? Well not having clarity does the same for your time.

** Ever found yourself at the end of the day, feeling rushed, overwhelmed and maybe even frantic? Yet there’s little, if anything, to show for your exhaustion.

** Does your to-do list get LONGER instead of shorter?

** Too much to do, too little time? “Squeezing” stuff in? Multi-tasking?

** Clumsy?

Lack of clarity is costing you TIME

These are all clues pointing toward the fact that your refusal to prioritise CLARITY is costing you valuable TIME. Not using your time effectively creates a domino effect across your entire life, not just your business. Let’s take a look at the bigger picture together.

Lack of Clarity is a Money Blocker

So what happens if you are not using your time wisely? If you don’t know how to pick the actions that will create the biggest impact on your goals then you are going to be taking an awful lot of action that’s a total waste of time.

You see, if you’re in business, I assume that you want to make money (or, as the saying goes, you just have a hobby!). So do you know specifically how the actions that you are taking are related to your ability to make money in the easiest and most authentic way?

NO? Then that’s the first big hole in your money making bucket. Inconsistent, inappropriate and unfocused action is a financial drain.

Money is energy

But that’s not the end of it. Money is energy and therefore responds to vibration. Your lack of clarity is the equivalent of expecting to listen to a clear radio station whilst being tuned between frequencies. If your rushed and frantic energy is compounded with feelings of fear and lack then your money bucket is taking in more water than the Titanic.

It may seem counter intuitive to “take time out” to get clarity but without it, it’s likely that you’ll be forever chasing money.

Lack of Clarity is Detrimental to Your Health

We’ve discussed how lack of clarity can leave you running around like a headless chicken, under earning and getting nowhere.

Living under conditions of stress and anxiety like this, for an extended period of time, can put immense pressure on your adrenals. You could be “thriving” on adrenalin and cortisol which are contributing factors of dis-ease within the body (and weight gain!).

Is it making you age?

Long periods of stress have been scientifically proven to affect our genes and cause premature ageing.

Aside from this and many other detrimental health effects of long term stress, you are choosing to ROB yourselves of life. Waiting, day by day, for things to “get better” and promising yourself that you “will feel happier when…”, the sands of time slip quickly and silently through your fingers.

And remember how we talked about money being a vibration? How do you think an unhealthy and highly stressed body vibrates?

A key factor to your clarity is scheduling time for YOU. Down time. Fun time. Friend time. Sleep time. Eat well time. Your health is the most precious resrouce you have so get clarity on how that looks in your life.

Lack of Clarity can be a Home-wrecker

If we put all of this together – anxiety, overwhelm, lack of time, under earning, poor health.. how do you think this impacts your relationships?

** Are the conversations with your loved ones done via technology more than they are in person?

** Do you sacrifice meal times with your family because you’ve not go time?

** Have you stopped communicating?

** Do you feel guilty because you are always rushed and shouting at the kids?

When you don’t have clarity, it’s easy to believe it’s this BIG thing that some people have and some don’t. But the truth is, just gifting yourself an hour a week to get clear on next weeks actions will start that momentum going. The more action you take, the clearer things become.

Just as the saying goes, ‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great”. 


  • Louise Cartwright

    Certified High Performance Coach for Purpose Driven Business Owners and Leaders

    From an overweight, depressed, single parent claiming benefits to an international high performance coach triathlete. That's my story. What I learned was that we can choose to be a product of our circumstances or our consciousness and now I work with passionate and purpose driven leaders to create a life of impact.