“What do you really want?” I ask my clients this all the time. Here is something that came up recently for one of my badass explorers…
“I want to go back to feeling healthy and to trust my body again.
I want to feel loved and comforted.
I want to feel heard.
I want to feel like people listen to me. I want to trust myself. I want to trust my body.
Dianne, right now I feel like I don’t know what to do.”
BOOM! When that feeling of “I don’t know” comes up, invite it in. See that it’s simply resistance showing up. It’s your mind trying to protect you from the unknown.
It’s a gift. It’s an opportunity to go exploring. What could be on the other side of the “I don’t know.” What if you did know? What would look like? Time to get curious.
I invite you to try these steps to help you prime your physiology for the exploration. It will create a feeling of calmness and clarity on a cellular level.
First let’s prime your physiology: (it’s a hormone thang!!)
1-sun gaze – simple and fun and exactly what it sounds like!
2-grounding – to balance your cortisol. You can get a great dose of antioxidants from the earth. It has a magnetic force where electrons are transferred. Our super conductive bodies simply have to make contact and get a full shot of antioxidants through electron transfer.
3-space button – a Qigong breathing practice to feel inspired, deepen your intentions and your concentration. It’s so easy to do.
4-Qi flow food – Dark chocolate. It can make you feel good! Calmer and this moves your QI for a great friggin’ experience!
Check out the training video below for more details on how to prime your physiology…