I’ve been part of the Facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/ProfessionalHouseCleaners for a while now.  I’ve seen many individuals and businesses struggling to be more confident in finding their worth.  I began my business as a domestic cleaner after failing to progress and achieve results in a network marketing company.  It was all new to me, and I had to teach myself a lot of the aspects of business.

One of the most important things we don’t seem to teach ourselves is our value and our worth.  Some might think offering a lower price per hour is better than a higher rate as a package is better because at a lower price, you can gain more clients, but the disadvantage of that is burnout.  Burnout is the number one cause of demotivation and disappointment.  Loss of enthusiasm for what you do can negatively impact your quality and your relationship with your client.

So, what can you do?

  • Find yourself a business coach who has been in your cleaning industry.  A coach who has had experience in the industry can identify with knowledge, experience, client base and challenges within that industry.  They can offer expertise that you may not have yet mastered, or are wanting to master and develop.  It is often a tough industry physically and mentally, especially when your clients don’t treat you fairly even though you know you’ve given 100 percent.
  • Look for a coach that you resonate with.  There’s no point getting coaching if you aren’t a good fit.
  • Is your coach available, are they genuine?  If not, then all they’re out to do is take your money with limited interaction and time.  That’s not going to help you, all it’s going to do is frustrate you because they’re not available to help you find solutions.

Once you find a coach you like and want to work with, honour their value and what they have to offer you.  You can’t have massive change if you’re not respecting all their intellectual property they’ll be sharing with you.  Your coach has had a world of experience, that’s why you’ve gone to them in the first place to learn from them, so honour them and work with them and respect their expertise.

When you’re on the personal development journey, you are going to a coach for growth and for wisdom.  Then when you find that someone, stick it out.  No one said that it’ll be easy, but in order to grow, you’ve got to put all of yourself into it.  If you don’t you’ve just wasted your time and hard earned cash.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me in the group above on my Facebook business page www.facebook.com/undercontrolshortstaymanagement.   My contact details can be found there also.