I believe in Hindou-ism. Here’s why:


Climate Change is about more than just the weather — it’s about whether or not we accept that the roots of not only Climate Change but most of our global ills stem from CHANGING THE EMOTIONAL CLIMATE.

The Global Body is ill … and whatever label or denial one wants to attribute it, here’s an irrefutable truth: cars need tune ups, computers need reboots, cellphones need repairs, houses need home improvements — and sometimes, even the human body needs a check up (or medicine doctor, depending on).

Why should Earth be any different?

Even if Climate Change were a “hoax” and the environmental shifts were part of historical patterns, here’s another irrefutable truth: there are more and more of us … developing and urbanising and exploiting and exposing ourselves to vulnerable lifestyles / regions as our sheer numbers increase and make demands on the environment as a result. Mass migration in indigenous regions — so often the poorest and most desperate — is about droves driven to survival at any cost, irrespective of facts and figures which don’t factor in to the illogic of the logistics. There are vastly more of us — all of whom want the same thing (a healthy and sustainable life) — so the pressure to accommodate this “vastly more of us” becomes exponentially more weighty than the already swelling imbalance of injustice that’s tipping the scales dramatically.

What happens when the reverse takes hold — and otherwise developed, tranquil regions become recipients of unprecedented heatwaves they’re inexperienced dealing with, both logically and physiologically? Scandinavia’s broiling — but this time it’s not the fly-fished salmon hiding in cool cavities from their normally 8 degree celsius waters which have now risen to 20. So the fish are safe from us — as tables turn and we now broil in historic heat.

And then there are the microorganisms … politely frozen in time and which now thaw as glaciers and icebergs melt. Scientists recently “rebirthed” 20,000 years old worms whose living presence may not affect us now— but what of the unknown others resurrected from their long-forgotten frosty sleep? What new bacteria might they threaten human life with?

When the few become the millions become the billions on a tiny spit of land hurtling through infinity and there’s nowhere left to run or hide, our earthly life preserver becomes a very fragile thing worth preserving.

Even if Global Warming is normal, its acceleration and intensification is not. And because of technology we’re privy to seeing the seas of change in real time, for the very first time — and opting to seed anew.

If we’re ready to accept the extinction of other species — sometimes as a natural phenomenon of Life on Earth — then perhaps we have to also accept our own. Or better still, to apply humility to our attempted preservation of Humanity vis a vis curbing the toxic insanity that’s become life on earth for ALL of Life.

Are the numerous beneficial undertakings for societal overhaul oppositional because they’re attributed to a cause that gives deniers pause? Or because we haven’t sufficiently addressed Just Transition? Or because we fear change — especially when it’s longterm and without immediately tangible personal gain?

Many will say that for now, the Why doesn’t really matter when the house is on fire. Only that its embers are igniting amidst an urgency on whose behalf we should be uniting, before our global home goes ablaze with us in tow.

The TLC that Climate Changers advocate for our Mother (Earth) needs to also be extended to Brother (Just Transition). As Al Gore and Ken Berlin and Christiana Figueres and so many sincere others on behalf of this vital missive reiterate, there’s a world of Planet Persons out there that rightfully feel threatened and inflamed by the injustice of having to forfeit generations of even marginal stability, their livelihoods and lifestyles at stake … or the Emerging Countries who resent being told by the very culprits themselves that they can’t enjoy what Big Brother has now destroyed.

And yes — there are also the Rich & Powerful, themselves human somewhere at the center of their earthly core :-). Climate Change is Big Business for them — like Industrialisation once was. There are temporary losers in the face of longer term winners and that’s part of the ever-unfair competitive playing field (which could be remedied faster than we think with a stunning new SIMPOL solution). But at least if Big Business can shift to a healthier, more sustainable model of its old self (like a dangerously overweight human body averting cardiac arrest by changing lifestyle habits) maybe our aversions can be converted to resurgence; of renewable personal energy that’s put to creative use for the majority as well as self.

To the Restaurant Industry: No one wants to be fed a bunch of facts and figures when they’re resistant to change. So let’s get user-friendly and #tastethechange! As with the theater world, Mondays are usually dark with worldwide restaurants closed. So make Tuesdays “light”; as in weekly meat-free bites. Have tasting challenges where patrons are blindfolded and given samplings of meat vs. creative alternative cuisine. Those who correctly identify the non-meat dishes win a trip to a Bio Farm. #meatthechallenge

At the end of the day with our overheated temperatures and our overheated tempers and Scandinavia boiling and Japan monsooning, maybe Climate Change + Changing the Emotional Climate is a dynamic duo destined to sink or swim …


Originally published at medium.com