When we are aspiring to another realm, a greater level of success, there is an aura of discomfort which arises. Its as if you are pushing, or pulling, yourself out of a lower energy. You feel the effects of unease. Sometimes, it feels as if you are being lazy. Either way, it doesn’t feel very good. It is one of those elements, leaving you to wonder if you are truly digging your way out of level of mediocrity or just going through the motions of it.

Elevating yourself to higher levels of success can be very difficult. For one, you are dealing with energy levels and sectors that are unfamiliar to you. Which means you are trying to maneuver your way through them. Its a rather strange, as you find yourself feeling that you have no friction, no foundation in this new terrain. Imagining that your hands are running through sand, rather than being implanted in soil. Initially, you feel as if you are not doing much. Its one of those energies, where one feels that they are without direction; just going with the flow and moving with the motions. Its rather strange, indeed. Furthermore, you feel the reigns of frustration, as even when moving, one feels stuck. Which means that there is a struggle in getting to that next level.

Ambition, and achieving that ambition, is never easy. Nevertheless, here are a few tips designed in guiding you to that next level. . .or many levels, above.

1.Doing What You Have Never Done

Going into new terrain, venturing into domains that you have never explored before is a critical step in your elevation to that next level, or further levels, ahead. You can not expect to elevate yourself, if you are staying in the same familiar terrain. Being safe keeps you regular. Specifically, you need to propel into areas, that are of higher value and higher quality, than what you are used to. Only then will you learn new strategies and techniques of soaring, as they are required in navigating that particular terrain. Much of this is due to not being afraid to explore within this new territory. That takes courage!

2. Consistency

Once you have found your nitch, your routine, or strength in this new endeavor, goal, or territory, it is very important for you to do it consistently, and on a daily basis. Remember, you are trying to get to a particular point, in reaching your final destination. Its like running a marathon! Every step you take is getting you closer to the finish line. Which means that you must keep your pace steady (however you define it), and your rhythm consistent. Preserverance is key!

3. Journal

Keeping a diary or journal is vital. Mental cleansing is imperative when it comes to purging any toxicities, which arises when achieving one’s goals. Write daily. That includes all of one’s frustrations, anger, and even small joys. Journals or diaries are great ways of keeping note of one’s journey; including all of the steps along the way. It is also a way of keeping measure. Once you have reached your goal, just remember that you can always go back and observe how far you have come.

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4. Celebrate Those Achievements

Its so important to pat yourself on the back, once you have gotten a taste of those small victories. Achieving little things are like energy elevators. They give you a nourishing rush in wanting to do more and try more; especially, when you have reached that feeling of having found your nitch in new terrain.

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5. Keep Your Goals A Secret

It is very important to guard your dreams. You don’t have to tell everyone, what you are doing. In fact, you shouldn’t. Envy and jealousy is everywhere. The last thing you want happen is for your dreams to be shattered, through outside sabotage because you decided to go and tell everyone. Keep things silent. Being flashy and boisterous about your goals doesn’t pay. Literally!

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6. Self-Care

Much of what allows us to be productive is the level of care and nourishment that we give ourselves. Whether it be physical nourishment in what we eat, working out, or that spiritual nourishment. Our level of creativity is based on what we put inside of our bodies and minds. Therefore, treat our bodies, minds, and Spirits, well. That is very important. Getting to the next level is also going to require extra work and more energy. Which means that we have to nourish and give nutrition to ourselves, even more.

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7. Align With Other High Energy Beings

When you are elevating yourself to a higher level, it is important to surround yourself with people, who are already on that level, you are trying to reach. Which means you may end up losing friends or old acquaintances! That’s part of the process, when you are climbing yourself to a journey of higher levels. Old energy, which does not serve you will be shed. Be prepared for enemies to come, and alliances to be made.

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8. Stay True

While you are rising to higher energy levels of success, its very important that you do not lose yourself, in the process. Stay who you are, as a person. Now, its another conversation, if you are trying to explore different things about yourself, while you are rising. Making improvements in one’s dress and appearance is important, as well. Yet, keeping your own authenticity is what allows one to stay on the goal for self-elevation! To thy own self be true!

9. Stay Hopeful

The last thing you ever want to do is give up. Continue to believe in what you are doing, and know that with work, the right energy, and consistency, things will come into fruition. Part of being hopeful and motivated is continuing to find pleasures in the work. Contrary to popular belief, work should be pleasurable. You should enjoy what you are doing. Healthy pleasures, hope, and perseverance are the jewels of success. Use them in achieving, and flying, to that next level.

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10. Smile and Feel Good

Allow yourself to smile, love yourself, and soak in that nourishing energy. Its one thing to smile. Its another thing to actually feel it. Its the highest reward that you can give to yourself, as smiling, allows you to attract beautiful things. Through smiling, blessings are lured into your energy sector. Continue to smile and reap the beauties of giving love and positivity into the Universe.

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Aspiring to a higher level is no easy task. In fact it is one that is very uncomfortable. It requires digging in and getting a grip into things, actions, and mentalities, that one is not used to. Which means that getting out of old habits and outdated thoughts are necessary. In fact, they are vital, if you want to aspire to something greater. You have to find joys and pleasures in the discomforts. You have to come to terms with the reality that discomforts are simply weaknesses, trying to transform themselves into strengths. So, just interpret discomfort as your journey in trying to rid weakness out of your body and energy sectors. You cannot rise to another level with outdated energy.

Get excited about this new level that you are aspiring to! There are many people who have been trying for years, and have struggled in getting there. Perhaps, you didn’t know how to get there. Its alright! You are on that journey. Just understand that reaching another level is all connected to energy. Many people have not been taught this. Which means they have been unaware in the ways, in which success is connected to. . .energy. Cleansing our energies, while working to achieve to greater energy fields, is all part of the journey. Its all part of that creative energy, at play.

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